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Hordes of Chaos III
by Udderdude
new comments Heretic, single player
released, ZDoom
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The third, and most likely final Hordes of Chaos WAD. Don't worry, it'll go out with a bang :B This one has a few new surprises in store, and more of the same assloads of monsters. Now a part of Hordes of Chaos X.

EarthQuake writes:(new) 01.10.2004, 03:01 GMT+1

Cacodemons in Heretic... Hmm...

Curunir writes:(new) 15.10.2004, 22:49 GMT+1

Gooo Udderdude go!
/me waves a small flag

Wilou84 writes:(new) 26.12.2004, 21:37 GMT+1

Great wad !!!!!! I think it's the best Heretic Wad I played, better than Sinful Discharge in gameplay.
Fighting Doom II monsters with Heretic weapons is so exciting...
It's a shame that it doesn't work with Doomsday.

CoolD00d writes:(new) 05.04.2007, 12:10 GMT+1

best out of all of them

deathspleasure writes:(new) 26.03.2009, 09:03 GMT+1

no download link

Dutch Devil writes:(new) 26.03.2009, 09:46 GMT+1
edited 26.03.2009, 09:47 GMT+1

I think this is the one:


JustBoinNa writes:(new) 27.12.2017, 17:34 GMT+1

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