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these are in progress screenshots of map01 of Heaven Torn Asunder, a planned megawad for the Doom 64 TC. the area in which this level takes place is a tech themed space base, but I also want it to feel industrial and dirty.

Agent Spork writes:29.12.2003, 02:06 GMT+1

Cool, a megawad for the Doom64 TC. I'm sure Kaiser'll be happy to see someone mapping for it :P

Jow writes:29.12.2003, 02:58 GMT+1

yep, I like this. third shot is very nice looking

Overlord X writes:29.12.2003, 19:30 GMT+1

Looks like you made nice use of the Doom 64 textures. Screenshot 3 is probably the best of the three you got up there so far. What exactly is that overhead thing supposed to be in screenshot 2?

MasterOfPuppets writes:31.12.2003, 09:45 GMT+1

didn't you notice that they appear to go higher than the cieling of their parent sector? thx for the comments on screen#3, that single room has 80 sectors within it. and btw, doom 64's glowing flats system is a pain in the butt.

Hirogen2 writes:02.01.2004, 20:42 GMT+1

Looks to me like JDoom... ain't it?

MasterOfPuppets writes:03.01.2004, 11:57 GMT+1

well...yes and no. the Doom 64 TC used to be a mode for jDoom. But every time Doomsday updated, Doom 64 basically broke. So Kaiser made a bit of an engine mod and now the TC stands alone, but the engine is still basically jDoom.

Nmn writes:03.01.2004, 22:46 GMT+1

I'm sorry to say this but the screenshots are not Doom64-ish (!). Get rid of that sloped ceiling in screenshot #1. Slopes are only good looking on thin windows and doorframes, but not on larger surfaces (I think they're not Doomish, they fit however in other Zdoom-mods including Daedalus). The pillars in S#2 make no sense... Is there no gravity? Screenshot #3 is best of them all. Moody, dark. May I advice? Never, ever use white light in Doom64 (if You want really bright try Bright Orange, like in map 26:NO ESCAPE, or map 22:BREAKDOWN) Doom64 had a lot of coloured lighting and textures are grey and look bad with no colour on them. Mappers have the ability to choose any colours for their levels without worrying of textures. Use this advantage and bet more on coloured lighting, not textures to make Your level coloured.

boris writes:04.01.2004, 20:52 GMT+1

No flaming please!

Nmn writes:04.01.2004, 21:10 GMT+1

Boris, thank You very much! :D

MasterOfPuppets writes:05.01.2004, 01:05 GMT+1

:P heck its my wad

Nmn writes:05.01.2004, 02:08 GMT+1

Haha! Boris Thank You very much, ... for getting rid of the post in which this spawn called me an "idiot". haha BTW: I know it's Jdoom, I was talking about rough slopes-multi stair-stacked sector to make a fake slope illusion. I think they're not doomish.

MasterOfPuppets writes:06.01.2004, 05:53 GMT+1

well they took to much time to make, so i'm not getting rid of them now :p

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