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by ziko the pain extender
new comments Doom 2, single player
in progress, Doomsday
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I only have one wad and one shot right now but hopefully by the weekend ill start more at my moms house (2 more is my goal) my plan is to have at least 5 wads in unbeliveable -done- by december.

The first shot is a wad i started a few weeks back. when i started that, Icould only make walls, doors, stairs ,and swich activated doors.

the second shot is a little more advanced I started it this morning

The third shot I started yesterday and its pretty cool (not including the stuff on the far right) but I cain't load it into doomsday so I'll just have to do with this for now

For a month i haven't been able to do much in Deepsea,but this weekend iv'e had a major breakthough and I "think" i can do anything now.

Ill try do do something with that first shot but I dont know what yet.


Sorry i wont b back for a while maby even a year at the most im in trouble with my perants and am not allowd on the computer anmore ecept on the weekends but i still will have no internet. and even so im on an O.M. team and will be working on that all year so i will be removing unbeliveable and will hopefully get back ito mapping in about a year or so sorry but thats the way it goes.


yay im back but im going to scrap unbelivable and start something else up im not sure what but ill think of something. probly by monday (at the earliest).

dethtoll writes:(new) 23.09.2004, 03:28 GMT+1

better idea: spend time on one wad and release THAT in december. you seriously need to work on your skilz. i mean, i see no glaring errors, but it just looks amateurish. play one of tormentor's wads, or cyb's wads, or basically a whole lot of wads done by long-time community members. that's where i go for inspiration.

iori writes:(new) 23.09.2004, 04:21 GMT+1

And release more than one screenshot, preferably 3.

Darkholy writes:(new) 23.09.2004, 05:26 GMT+1

I concur. There are two "flat" ceilings in the shot. They look as if they have no thickness. Other than that I can't really say much except a lack of architechtual detail. I'm sure you still have more to go though.

ziko the pain extender writes:(new) 23.09.2004, 12:39 GMT+1
edited 23.09.2004, 12:39 GMT+1

ya i know my shots are "amateurish" because i just started a month ago unbelivable is one wad but im gonna put more wads in it

ill try to post more shots on monday

thanks for you commments ill try to work on the architechtual detail a little bit.:)

Nmn writes:(new) 23.09.2004, 15:09 GMT+1

Add more shots plz.
That floor just doesn't cope with outdoor areas.

Lutrov71 writes:(new) 27.09.2004, 02:13 GMT+1

I'm sure you can do better than that, seriously.

Nmn writes:(new) 27.09.2004, 12:10 GMT+1
edited 27.09.2004, 12:11 GMT+1

The layout on shot 3 looks extremely square. The walls outdoors should be varied as possible as they could be, while to enhance interiors try making 45 angled corners. And please DO consider our advices, otherwise I'm seing no hopes for this map. Sorry if that was harsh.

Blair Cahue writes:(new) 27.09.2004, 15:03 GMT+1

why dont you try a flexable engine like zdaemon/zdoom?

ziko the pain extender writes:(new) 27.09.2004, 18:40 GMT+1
edited 29.09.2004, 21:32 GMT+1

you know thas a really good idea Nmn ill work on the outside area a little bit but I caint do anything untill friday at the earlyist, dont worry about being harsh i dont take things personally in fact i laph when people diss my stuff.

Lutrov71 ill try harder but i keep getting ideas and swiching levels.

Blair Cahue what do you mean by flexible?

iori writes:(new) 28.09.2004, 04:34 GMT+1

No, I suggest you stick with Doom2 until you get a good grip on mapping, which will come in time. Source Ports tend to swamp new map authors with special effects and the mapping turns to rot. Its best to make a few maps for the original game first, as I see it.

Jow writes:(new) 28.09.2004, 18:23 GMT+1
edited 28.09.2004, 18:24 GMT+1

Doomsday is flexible too. Looking from those, I think you should listen to what iori says and play some cool looking DooM/DooM2 maps.

Nmn writes:(new) 29.09.2004, 15:41 GMT+1

Z.T.P.E. said:
in fact i laph when people diss my stuff.

That's not wise. You need to read all Your criticism people give You. Those that have nothing contstructive like:"It's crappy", should be ignored but some hold important value-constructive criticism that will help You shape Your artist-self better, quicker and in a more certain way. All in all-if You want to be an artist You must learn to accept criticism.

ziko the pain extender writes:(new) 29.09.2004, 21:44 GMT+1

The only reaso im useing doomsday is because i don't know how to take pictures in doom/doom2(i also like the contol setup)if you could tell me how to take pictures in doom/doom2 i would appricate it.

i do eccept criticism. I said that so people dont have to wach what they say because i won't get all pissed when people do say bad things.

and can someone please tell me what "flexible" means because ive mapped with just doom/doom2,z doom,and doomsday and I caint tell the diffrence.

Thanks for you're comments.
again ill update on monday at the earliest

Jow writes:(new) 30.09.2004, 14:02 GMT+1

He means that Zdoom can do slopes and use acs in Doom maps. But Doomsday can't do those, so he thinks it's not flexible, because it can only do xg. I think Zdoom is not flexible, because it can't use xg.

If you can't tell the difference between them on your own, then your map obiviously is not a Doomsday map. I hate it when people think they're making a Doomsday map, just because they use Doomsday to play Doom, but the map doesn't have any Doomsday effects(just adding torches to a map doesn't make it a Doomsday map, it will still run on any other Doom engine).

ziko the pain extender writes:(new) 30.09.2004, 18:28 GMT+1

Ya basicly i dont have any reason for using doomsday i use it only for control setup and i can take screnies in it dont worry ill change it as soon as i figure out how to take pictures in regular doom.

dethtoll writes:(new) 18.10.2004, 09:00 GMT+1

i'm really sorry, but this just looks terrible and simple.

practice. a lot. make a map, throw it out. make another. throw it out. keep going until you've learned a bunch of tricks. i mapped for years for duke3d and now for doom and never released anything because i was still learning the ropes. get down a design aesthetic, and try to make something that meets at least 1999/2000 standards.

Hellraiser[HK] writes:(new) 18.10.2004, 18:40 GMT+1

That was plain wrong Dethtoll, Its a Okay Map, Unlike a few others I know... Keep up the good work ziko the pain extender

harry writes:(new) 18.10.2004, 20:36 GMT+1

keep it up :) you'll find ur ways :D you will be making some baddass maps in no time :D

Nmn writes:(new) 19.10.2004, 14:11 GMT+1

Hellraiser-I'm sorry, but Dethtoll was very much correct. If You are on the wrong track on mapping someone needs to be harsh with You-Dethtoll doesn't want to piss Ziko, he wants to help him, make him understand that a map must serve more of an entertainment (in one-architecture, sense, gameplay, or maybe all elements).
Ziko please consider our advices when mapping. We want to help You. Didn't the Rome's say: "Reach the skies by sweat and blood?"-work hard to earn Your experience.
So has spoken a mapper.

EarthQuake writes:(new) 19.10.2004, 18:49 GMT+1

I would have to agree, there is nothing aesthetically exciting about this level. In all honesty, it looks like one of those first attempts.

You have potential though... I can tell by various parts of your screenshots. Keep trying and do what Dethtoll and Nmn suggested.

ziko the pain extender writes:(new) 15.11.2004, 18:36 GMT+1

thanks for all the postive reinforsement but i wont be mapping for a while due to my perants taking crap awaw from me (I draw map ideas all the time anyway)

dethtoll do you have any links to where i can get any cool Duke 3d maps because that game is still cool too and is actually the only thing ive played for a while because i got the full verson with PC Gamer.

Don't expect me for a while. i may come off and on untill summer but im not makeing any promises.

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