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by Mickey
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in progress, EDGE
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My first wad, really started out as just one of the many test levels I create to explore certain design ideas and I liked the way this was going and I decided to try and finish a wad completely for once and release it.

Apocsoft writes:(new) 12.09.2004, 15:08 GMT+1

Looks abit dark, the 2nd shot is very hard to see, still the detail in the 1st and 3rd are good, are you using any edge effects?

Nmn writes:(new) 12.09.2004, 21:46 GMT+1

Looking good, I like the atmosphere.

Mickey writes:(new) 12.09.2004, 22:51 GMT+1

As of right now no edge effects are being used, but hopefully by the completion yes. I've got some ideas.

MasterOfPuppets writes:(new) 13.09.2004, 01:39 GMT+1

kinda dark but very atmospheric. i love it.

Mickey writes:(new) 13.09.2004, 11:06 GMT+1

ok so i've decide to use some of edge's scripting capabilties to move along a story of sorts, hopefully this will add something unique to the map.. And thanks for the comments guys..

Nmn writes:(new) 21.09.2004, 15:24 GMT+1

Finally, someone is going to show the real capabilities of EDGE (besides Fanatic's Castle).

MasterOfPuppets writes:(new) 21.09.2004, 18:27 GMT+1

cool lighting effects, they look really good. you need to align some textures in screen 2 but other than that, great looking map!

Apocsoft writes:(new) 21.09.2004, 18:41 GMT+1
edited 21.09.2004, 18:41 GMT+1

The lighting looks great, and the level looks like its getting good.

Nmn writes:

Finally, someone is going to show the real capabilities of EDGE (besides Fanatic's Castle).

-Whats wrong with my wad?

Nmn writes:(new) 21.09.2004, 22:39 GMT+1
edited 21.09.2004, 22:39 GMT+1

O_o To think I've doubleposted .. phew -_-' learn [quote]
Anyway, nothing's wrong with Yours, I just didn't find it :/, but I'll play it for sure. :]

iori writes:(new) 22.09.2004, 09:08 GMT+1

Damn that looks neat, Edge dynamic lights > *

Jow writes:(new) 22.09.2004, 15:47 GMT+1

Reminds me one part in one map I once made. It was dark, blood on the floor and marble stone walls... :D Looks spooky.

Apocsoft writes:(new) 22.09.2004, 19:10 GMT+1

Oh Sorry Nmn, i forgot about [quote] thing, anyway i've sorted out the download so it works now. btw im liberation on the doomworld forums.

Nmn writes:(new) 22.09.2004, 20:50 GMT+1

I'll play it ASAP Apoc. I know who You are :)

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