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Invasion (working title)
by Carnevil_
new comments Doom 2, single player
in progress, Skull Tag
screenshot #1screenshot #2screenshot #3


Defend your fortress against hordes of invading monsters.

UPDATE! 9/17: Updated the screenshots!

Shockwav3 writes:(new) 01.09.2004, 16:49 GMT+1

looks pretty neat. shot1 could take some ceiling/floor detailing tho ;)

Nmn writes:(new) 01.09.2004, 19:09 GMT+1

I like the atmosphere, dark sinister marble hallways iluminated only by emerald glowing fire and bloody red sunset. The desc sounds like an original concept. Looking forward.

ace writes:(new) 01.09.2004, 21:39 GMT+1
edited 01.09.2004, 21:40 GMT+1

Looks good, but the title Invasion has already been used. I'm sure most people have forgotten about it, and I know your title is still in the works, but it has been used. Good map tho

Doom-Bob writes:(new) 02.09.2004, 01:21 GMT+1

Kicks ass i am really looking forward to it. =)

Carnevil_ writes:(new) 02.09.2004, 03:51 GMT+1

Thanks everyone :)

The gameplay of this map should prove to be quite interesting. Instead of you trying to get to the exit the level with monsters simply being obstacles, the monsters are actually coming after YOU. Since the monsters are the one rushing you down, so you have to constantly be on your toes trying to keep them off of you, get to and from different shrines, and not getting cornered. It's very intense, and should prove to be very fun!

It's probably going to be something in the range of 1000 monsters per wave. That might sound pretty high, but this many monsters is necessary to achieve that affect. Being trapped in a room with all the exits blocked by a couple imps is a little different than the exits being blocked by a couple HUNDRED imps :)

This map will be different, intense, and epic :) I hope you guys enjoy it when it's done :)

Tormentor667 writes:(new) 02.09.2004, 22:44 GMT+1

Damn, you thief :) :) :)

Shockwav3 writes:(new) 17.09.2004, 20:46 GMT+1

looks like this could turn into something fun.

Carnevil_ writes:(new) 18.09.2004, 01:02 GMT+1

Screenshots updated :)

DD_133 writes:(new) 18.09.2004, 01:59 GMT+1

Wow carn, damn this looks good. This oculd spark a new kind of 'gametype' maps!

NiGHTMARE writes:(new) 18.09.2004, 02:27 GMT+1

Well, it wasn't actually inspired by Invasion, but a very similar project is due out soon; namely Stronghold by Tormentor667. It's comprised of several maps (9 or 10 IIRC) based around the same idea, i.e. the player against waves of invading monsters.

Carnevil_ writes:(new) 18.09.2004, 02:35 GMT+1

Yeah, he posted that in this very thread :)

MasterOfPuppets writes:(new) 18.09.2004, 06:00 GMT+1

hm, looks very interesting.

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