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Hordes of Chaos II
by Udderdude
new comments Heretic, single player
released, ZDoom
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Yes, it's another 5-map Heretic WAD stuff full of monsters :P This one will have a few different Doom enemies, and more of the same total carnage seen in HOC. Now a part of Hordes of Chaos X.

Apocsoft writes:(new) 05.08.2004, 20:17 GMT+1

I havent played heretic for a long time, your screenshots look intresting and its cool to see a caco!

Curunir writes:(new) 25.08.2004, 13:53 GMT+1

More Heretic! Gooo Udderdude go!

Kristus writes:(new) 09.09.2004, 22:45 GMT+1

Sweet.. add the Afrit from the zdoom monster pack.. :)

Udderdude writes:(new) 10.09.2004, 03:10 GMT+1

Kristus : Maybe in HOC 3 - Flogging a dead horse edition :p

Doom_Dude writes:(new) 20.09.2004, 02:55 GMT+1
edited 20.09.2004, 03:11 GMT+1

Where is teh download linkage Udderdude?

[edit] Nevermind I dug it up myself. :p


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