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8-Bit CTF
by hobomaster22
new comments Doom 2, deathmatch
in progress, ZDaemon
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8-Bit CTF is built off of 8-Bit DM created by Godcells. 8-Bit CTF is being created by; Godcells, hobomaster22, and Nestea. 8-Bit CTF is a collection of Capture the Flag maps built for ZDaemon using 8-Bit textures, music, and sprites, being created by clan KGF. This wad uses lots of animation and has some insane looking combos, in which a lot people claim to give them seizures :D. 8-Bit CTF is near completion, looking to have 8 or 9 maps. So if u have Zdaemon be looking for its release very soon. News and more 8-Bit CTF pictures at: http://ice.prohosting.com/kgf

MasterOfPuppets writes:(new) 08.07.2004, 22:29 GMT+1

insane 8-bit stuff...although it dosn't feel as original anymore. those shots look maybe a bit too saturated to me, but certainly interesting enough for me to give it a try.

hobomaster22 writes:(new) 08.07.2004, 22:43 GMT+1

Since the shots had to be taken at 640 x 480 they do look messed up, but beleive me, it looks much better when playing.

MasterOfPuppets writes:(new) 09.07.2004, 01:28 GMT+1

everything always does ;-)

dethtoll writes:(new) 09.07.2004, 18:48 GMT+1

i don't really like the HUD, but i'm not sure if that came with 8BDM or with this new one (i usually play DM with the HUD off).

this looks nice otherwise. 8BDM was an absolute blast, so this'll be a treat, i guess.

GodCells writes:(new) 09.07.2004, 19:21 GMT+1

Yeah, the look of 8bitsCTF is pretty different to 8bitDM, it's normal. And those 640x480 static pictures of 8bits only show 50% of the visual effects :) Everything blink and move even more than 8bitDM.

The hud can be turned off, detholl. The goal is to give a 100% 8bits visual feeling. Expect no sound changes, most people prefer original Doom sounds for Deathmatching. BTW, there will be a rerelease of 8bitDM with several fixes.

L8r all.

Bardcat writes:(new) 09.07.2004, 20:14 GMT+1

Heh, I never understood the desire to make Doom look retro. Seeing as Doom is like, old already. And stuff. It does look kinda snazzy though, I'll definately give it a shot.

Epyo writes:(new) 09.07.2004, 20:42 GMT+1

Looks good, can we see some more outdoor areas this time?

Tormentor667 writes:(new) 10.07.2004, 19:21 GMT+1

Looks funny but hurts my eyes bad *g*

JacKThERiPPeR writes:(new) 20.07.2004, 21:24 GMT+1

I think it will be a seizure-inducing CTF pack.

Rhinoknight writes:(new) 30.11.2004, 20:09 GMT+1

Looks excellent...
If anyone can give my the link to download this i would play it all the time
Seizures wouldnt bother me!!!

Toke writes:(new) 22.02.2005, 23:08 GMT+1

Pure eyecandy.

You need an assload of happy face baloons.

Nmn writes:(new) 22.02.2005, 23:56 GMT+1

Where do these people come from?!

q_dmc12 writes:(new) 14.04.2007, 00:59 GMT+1

I love it! It's very reminisent of a UT CTF map :)

Searon486 writes:(new) 24.07.2008, 15:14 GMT+1

O.O Finaly, someone with some sense. 8bit rules!

KennRogrerce writes:(new) 23.05.2017, 08:07 GMT+1

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