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by Cyberkiller
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released, EDGE
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UAC IN HAPAL. It has got more than 18 maps, new weapons and sound effects like stepsounds walking. It includes a modified version of Edge 1.27 with a new statusbar.

Download site:

boris writes:(new) 28.12.2003, 13:55 GMT+1

I approved it for now, but for the future I ask you (and everybody else) not to submit already released maps. This page is called WADs In *Progress*. I don't want to have the whole existing /idgames here ;)


Mephisto writes:(new) 28.12.2003, 13:56 GMT+1

Well, the boxing arena seems like fun, I also see a lot of "stolen" sprites and stuff, but it could be interesting.

Cyberkiller writes:(new) 28.12.2003, 23:24 GMT+1

Ok, thanks. The sprites that I used for the boxing arena were the marine from a wad pack with three differents marines (skins), an animated gif of a marine for the people and the weapon sprite is from immoral conduct but I ask for permission to Cory Whittle before to use it in my mod.

wario writes:(new) 09.01.2004, 01:25 GMT+1

the onliest thing i can say about this wad is:i want to play it now it looks like one of the coolest wads tehre :D IS!

Nick_Perrin writes:(new) 26.04.2004, 03:58 GMT+1
edited 26.04.2004, 03:59 GMT+1

crazy weapon rips...no consistent theme... plot somehow revolving around UAC...

This looks like a hit wad, my friends! The details don't matter, this wad is FUN!

simple writes:(new) 08.05.2004, 02:34 GMT+1

CyberKiller, we played your map in Russia, YOU ARE GOD!!!!
(Pray for Him)
He's Talanted!!!

Nick_Perrin writes:(new) 20.05.2004, 02:12 GMT+1
edited 20.05.2004, 02:12 GMT+1

I just finished basically playing through this wad, and all i can say is its awesome. It's basically a nice big story-driven game within itself.

I have a HUGE complaint though- since EDGE is pretty slow, this thing runs extremely slow on most scenes because of their sheer size. Also if you use the modified version of EDGE its always slow even when you're not looking at big architecture. so i use the regular version, but you can't use the tertiary fires in it.

Anyway, great mod, but runs too slow for a lot of it. good job! hopefully edge v1.28 will be a lot faster!

Gorre writes:(new) 14.08.2004, 07:25 GMT+1


beanovsky_durst writes:(new) 22.08.2004, 08:55 GMT+1

Well cyberkiller you alredy know what I think about your wad...

CoolD00d writes:(new) 30.08.2004, 00:43 GMT+1

i like to see some one else is using a witchhaven monster in there TC :D

paskiainen23 writes:(new) 11.09.2004, 20:10 GMT+1

nice ,but take look at MY wad (when its finished- probably completed in this year)

Chronoteeth writes:(new) 07.11.2004, 22:04 GMT+1

Can't seem to DL this for some reason, any other links to this?

Lobo writes:(new) 24.01.2005, 22:04 GMT+1

If his sites down then you can forget it, unless you know someone who can send it to you. (it's almost 14MB)

Dancso writes:(new) 30.07.2005, 18:37 GMT+1

It's a very-very long WAD, and the graphics are great too.
I've played this WAD with Z-Doom, and it was running perfectly.
Man, this WAD is full of traps!:D

Great work!

Chronoteeth writes:(new) 02.08.2005, 04:55 GMT+1

Play it with edge please. ;_;

CoolD00d writes:(new) 30.09.2006, 15:30 GMT+1

I have been wanting to play this for ages. Unfortunately the site is down so I cannot download it, is there any chance of this getting fixed any time soon? Sorry to have bumped this, but I really want to download this game.

CoolD00d writes:(new) 30.09.2006, 15:34 GMT+1

I have been wanting to play this for ages. Unfortunately the site is down so I cannot download it, is there any chance of this getting fixed any time soon? Sorry to have bumped this, but I really want to download this game.

doomguy writes:(new) 12.11.2007, 10:30 GMT+1


BigSt3ve writes:(new) 02.12.2007, 12:00 GMT+1

IT dont work

--_killer_-- writes:(new) 20.03.2010, 13:43 GMT+1

ei cyberkiller you download link doesn't working! >:(

Green eye writes:(new) 19.01.2011, 16:15 GMT+1

no anda el link not found the link

Ivano Lich writes:(new) 13.07.2011, 18:27 GMT+1

Hi there !!1

Someone of the community have this WAD
latter ... i've played this wad ... long time before

But... years go passed and .... DONT EXIST IN ALL INTERNET !!

Thx and Grettings

deathbringer writes:(new) 31.07.2015, 15:02 GMT+1

Ooh, I remember this, it wasn't much cop, though. Here's what I can remember:
Level 1: You are on some islands, there's a deep, square ocean with some fish in it. You have to swim to another island and fight some dragons with a bow
Level 2: You go to some castle (there's a "day/night cycle", but the scenery, as well as the sky, changes XD). People attack it one by one, and you have to shoot them before the reach the wall, if they do, you insta-die. It's nearly impossible with the bow, I just cheated for the rocket launcher.
Level 3: Loads of Ettins from Heretic are outside the castle, you lead a bunch of warriors (I think they're one of the characters from Hexen). You activate a script and they charge into the battle, you have a mace and can instagib anything you hit with it. But that's as likely to be one of your own side, just stand back until all the ettins are killed.
Level 4: Now you are a UAC marine on earth, you have to go and help the people of the planet from the other levels (if they have made contact with a space-faring civilisation, why are they still using bows and arrows?). But first you have to sneak into some building. It's a stealth mission, and the building is several storeys, but all made of 3D floors, rather than invisible teleports. It's really laggy, and if anybody spots you, you get instagibbed. As this level can't be god-moded or noclipped, I gave up at that point.

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