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Phobos Revisited
by ReX
new comments Doom, single player
in progress, doom(2).exe
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9-level replacement for DooM, Episode 1. The point of this effort is to create maps that immediately create a feeling of deja vu -- in other words, maps that have the look and feel of those in Knee Deep in the Dead. To that end, each of these maps is loosely based on the design of the originals, but with unique twists. In every instance, the gameplay is quite different and considerably more challenging, while staying true to the enemies of the originals. Because the wad is meant to be playable with DooM.exe the maps are not excessively detailed. However, when there is no risk of getting a VPO error the areas are considerably more detailed that the original E1 maps.

Maps E1M1, E1M2, E1M3, E1M4, and E1M8 are 100% complete, including beta testing. Map E1M5 is about 50% complete.

Use3d writes:(new) 29.06.2004, 23:04 GMT+1

Much rejoicing.

hobomaster22 writes:(new) 30.06.2004, 01:40 GMT+1
edited 30.06.2004, 01:44 GMT+1

heh i was planning on doing the same thing, but just random E1 like maps i made. I only made 2 prolly cause i put too much detail into them, oh well. This looks cool, i love e1 so ill be waiting for the link when it finishes :).

Oh and that 3rd pic looks really familiar too :D

Fano++64k writes:(new) 01.07.2004, 01:12 GMT+1

Excellent idea, i like a lot E1 remakes, I just hope you'll keep the original feeling with more challenge and more details.I agree, the 3rd screenie has a feeling of 'Déjà Vu' ;)

SargeBaldy writes:(new) 26.09.2004, 12:53 GMT+1

hmm, personally I prefer E1 style maps that don't present déjà vu at all but retain the style. Obviously I need to finish working on my E1 style guide I was making for Dr. Sleep. For instance the second shot obviously reminds me a lot of E1M2 but the 2 UAC Doors are pretty excessive, as in total E1 only had two such doors (E1M4, E1M5). In fact E1 in general doesn't have many doors, preferring winding passageways with occasional rooms. Doors are actually really very few and far between. The first shot reminds me a tiny bit of a section of E1M3, but be wary of having outdoor areas that aren't secrets, even the skylight in the second shot seems excessive to me. True, E1 had a few areas of skylights in non-secret areas but usually they were larger rooms and the sunlight was used as a breather from very dark areas nearby (think about the area right past the slime pits in E1M3, or the start of E1M5 compared to the outside area nearby). Light contrast in general is a key concept. That third shot I'd want to praise but it just looks too identical to M4 to be very interesting at all.

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