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Sanity Bleeds
by Vile1011
new comments Doom 2, single player
in progress, ZDoom
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(screenshot batch 3)

Important Update: Unfortunately, I'm more than likely going to be cancelling this project, as nobody has been willing to help and I don't have enough time to complete it myself. Because of this, I've released the alpha, containing 10 incomplete levels. The enclosed wads are free for anyone to use for their own purposes, and if anyone wants to pick up where I left off, that's even better.

The alpha, plus many more new screenshots, can be found in the link below.


Sanity Bleeds follows the story of a soldier ordered to evacuate an important military base after a series of gruesome and unexplainable deaths occurs. Unwilling to lay down and watch the base fall, he betrays his officers and heads there himself to find out what's causing the problems.

Taking strong inspiration from the Silent Hill series, this megawad has adventure game elements such as the ability to examine your environment in order to unlock secrets or further the story. As such, the plot is almost entirely non-invasive; you won't need to sit through dull 5 minute cutscenes which seem haphazardly placed in between waves of monsters.

The major theme of the wad is the familiar tech-base. To make things more interesting, the player will periodically descend into a darker, more sinister reflection of the tech-base. These two realities shift back and forth, meld into eachother, and fight for dominance all throughout the wad.

I am also proud to announce that there will not be any demon spawners in this wad. You're welcome.

Ixnatifual writes:(new) 25.06.2004, 13:14 GMT+1

My God that looks good! Must have taken forever to make! What's up with the sky in shot 3 though?

MasterOfPuppets writes:(new) 25.06.2004, 21:10 GMT+1

nice slopes. wuts up with the sky? skybox in progress?

Vile1011 writes:(new) 26.06.2004, 00:33 GMT+1

I haven't made a real sky yet, I'm just using that as filler. The sky will be very dark, as the wad takes place at night, and blakwall was the closest stock texture i could find.

Shockwav3 writes:(new) 26.06.2004, 16:15 GMT+1

looks pretty awesome so far.

ReX writes:(new) 29.06.2004, 20:55 GMT+1

The exterior view of the power station is excellent. As is the Samuel Jackson beer-inspired structure.

MasterOfPuppets writes:(new) 28.07.2004, 07:19 GMT+1

looks like a light bulb went out in screen 2, hehe >.

Fano++64k writes:(new) 28.07.2004, 08:47 GMT+1

pretty nice detailled work :D

Nmn writes:(new) 28.07.2004, 14:16 GMT+1

The lighting in shot 1 looks really good indeed, and so does the atmosphere. Good job.

Vile1011 writes:(new) 28.07.2004, 18:53 GMT+1
edited 28.07.2004, 18:54 GMT+1

These were SUPPOSED to be updated screen shots... oh well, let's try again.
(edit: oh, there they are. stupid refresh button!)

ellmo writes:(new) 28.07.2004, 20:11 GMT+1

Well, I must say that detailing here is proffesional. And if those things you mentioned in the description (darker, more sinister reflection of the tech-base), are going to be flawlessly implemented - this is going to be one hell of an interesting WAD after all those "shoot-'em-up" projects...

Can't wait to see it released.

Dittohead writes:(new) 29.07.2004, 05:57 GMT+1

Looks nice man.

Agent Spork writes:(new) 29.07.2004, 13:01 GMT+1

That looks very impressive!

Bloodskull writes:(new) 08.08.2004, 17:29 GMT+1

You gotta fix those lights in screenshot 3. That's one ugly misalignment but all and all looks pretty good and inspriring for my map ideas.

Shockwav3 writes:(new) 17.09.2004, 20:45 GMT+1

can't wait for this to come out.

BigSt3ve writes:(new) 06.01.2007, 01:48 GMT+1

Whens it come out

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