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Space CTF
by Mephisto
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A CTF level I am working on, inspired by Quake 3's void levels.

EarthQuake writes:(new) 30.05.2004, 19:55 GMT+1
edited 30.05.2004, 19:55 GMT+1

Dude, that looks fucking awesome... but...
how bad is this gonna lag? :(

How about breaking it up with teleporters that connect to totally sealed off portions of it?

MasterOfPuppets writes:(new) 30.05.2004, 22:10 GMT+1

very nice. good texture selection and nice layout all together. i was planning on doing a "sky only" level myself, and i think this wad has just givin me a bit of inspiration...hehe.


dethtoll writes:(new) 30.05.2004, 22:24 GMT+1

"how bad is this gonna lag? :("

buy a better computer. this is DOOM, dammit! :)

Agent Spork writes:(new) 04.06.2004, 02:03 GMT+1

Looking good, Mephisto, although some of the detail is a little repetitive, and can be symmetrical, but I guess you can expect a certain degree of that in a CTF map.

Carnevil_ writes:(new) 06.06.2004, 06:15 GMT+1

Looking great, Meph! :D

Mitchcat90 writes:(new) 14.11.2006, 09:10 GMT+1

Man i cant wait to play it. It looks AWSOME

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