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ZOOW: 41i3n |)im3n5i0n
by Jimi
new comments other, single player
released, Doomsday
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It is done. I'm not going to work on this project anymore. It is finished now. Anyway, go to the site and download the final version which includes 10 new maps. Sorry, no new screenshots. I'm thinking of starting a new mod sometime soon.

ZOOW: 41i3n |)im3n5i0n is a DOOM TC for the Doomsday Engine. It is going to use almost all features from the Doomsday Engine and some new stuff listed below:

* 12 weapons
* 7 monsters
* 2 critters
* Inventory
* Skills
* Crouching
* Weapon recoil

Some background story:

Place: The Complex, Time: 57th rotation of cycle 3016

After being in the detention cell for a couple rotations, something unusual happens. Almost all computer systems go fucked up with some kind of new computer virus. Some of the prisoners took advantage of this situation and started a riot. The player is part of this riot and he has some genetically engineered mutations. The soldiers and guards have been given an order to terminate all mutations, escaped lab creatures and stop the riot.


Shot01: The Lift. Computer control room for the machines in the next room. Computers using too big texture, because I haven't yet drawn a smaller computer texture. There are too much dynamic lights in this area. I have to take away some...

Shot02: Surface. I had to take away all the dynamic lights from this room, because it didn't run very well. Anyway, it's not night yet, so the lights are off or the electric wires are damaged...

Shot03: Surface. The helipad is used by supply helicopters. The supplies are taken into 3 different places. One of these places is where you'll be going next. One is where you came from. One of the places could be an optional quest, but I haven't yet figured out how to make Doomsday not spawn already killed monsters when you come back to a level you have visited before.

Cyb writes:(new) 28.12.2003, 01:17 GMT+1

The hand in the first weapon model looks really weird, like his hand is all twisted the wrong way or something. The other shots look nice, you seem to have avoided the ever-present problem of making a totally undetailed map and then thinking it looks good because of some colored lighting or lens flares. The second shot reminds me of half-life... I hope the entire thing isn't filled with green light, btw, that will me murder on the eyes after a bit

Apocsoft writes:(new) 28.12.2003, 01:43 GMT+1

I think these screenshots look quality, the lighting looks cool!
looks like it will have a great atmosphere. one to watch!

Nmn writes:(new) 28.12.2003, 01:54 GMT+1

Is this Doom? :) Next-gen greatness!

SargeBaldy writes:(new) 28.12.2003, 09:31 GMT+1

Some nice detailing and textures here. Way too much colored lighting for my taste though.

johngaughan writes:(new) 28.12.2003, 23:09 GMT+1

Colored lighting is good, but I think some of your shots you overused it. Rather than swath an entire room in it, try using it as a highlight in one area or making several small lights to light the edge of something. Think about the little detail lights in Quake 2 along corridors and walkways.

Another thing about colored lighting is it is good when relatively subdued -- rather than bright green, try white light with a hint of color.

Patrick westermark writes:(new) 29.12.2003, 01:36 GMT+1

I always liked your stuff Jow, and what I have not liked, I have told you to fix or update or such. this will just rock! hehe

ellmo writes:(new) 29.12.2003, 01:47 GMT+1

Hey, looks almost completely like Quake 2 on OpenGL.
Like that stuff...

Jow writes:(new) 29.12.2003, 17:13 GMT+1

Thanks for the comments and critic.

Overlord X writes:(new) 29.12.2003, 19:51 GMT+1

Wow...these screenshots look sexy! This map looks to have a sort of Quake type feel to it. I really like the colored lighting. Some people brought up a good point though, and that is that you might want to go a little sparingly on it. It is good when used in certain areas, but you don't want an entire map emassed in bright green light. Other than that, it looks like you are doing a good job of showing off jDoom's features, something that hasn't been done in great lengths yet.

Tormentor667 writes:(new) 04.01.2004, 18:52 GMT+1

This is not Doom *g*

MasterOfPuppets writes:(new) 13.03.2004, 06:41 GMT+1

more alien goodness. your are amazing Jow

Jow writes:(new) 13.03.2004, 13:39 GMT+1

Yep, finally I can update the screenshots! :D Thanks to Boris for that.

Agent Spork writes:(new) 01.04.2004, 21:49 GMT+1

Looks interesting. I like that 3rd screenshot

geedougg writes:(new) 07.04.2004, 21:49 GMT+1

First Shot reminds me of "Jedi-Knight: Mysteries Of The Sith".
Second Shot reminds me of some part of "Half-Life".
Third Shot reminds me of "Unreal".
I don't think I even need to tell you they look great, Jow. You already know how they look and what needs fixing and you already know what I think of these and all the dozens of previous ones. Keep up the amazing work. (You'll have to teach me implementation of lighting in JDoom if my level's gonna look anything like your levels!) :D

Metal_Sonic writes:(new) 18.04.2004, 03:53 GMT+1

me likes the lava with the grate on top

Doom_Dude writes:(new) 08.05.2004, 14:16 GMT+1

Did you just change all your screenshots? I think you've done a heap of improvements and I love that 2nd shot. Very nice texture work and design Jow.

ellmo writes:(new) 09.05.2004, 16:18 GMT+1

Hey. I see people with dog faces in Shot#3.

More to it, the texture set looks tremendoulsy good. Is it yours?

Jow writes:(new) 09.05.2004, 20:51 GMT+1

ups, their "hiding" place got revealed...

The texture set is almost completely mine, some textures are based on a photograph and some are my friend's textures that I modified to look better.

bryant robinson writes:(new) 10.05.2004, 00:43 GMT+1
edited 10.05.2004, 00:43 GMT+1

Excellent work! I played the demo of this wad a while back and was very impressed. I really like dark tech themed maps. I cant wait to play this project.

SgtCrispy writes:(new) 14.05.2004, 03:43 GMT+1

/me drools

Infurnus writes:(new) 14.07.2004, 03:29 GMT+1

It looks very realistic.
The 3rd screenshot is awesome, I love the grates over the water/goo/liquid.

Steve writes:(new) 22.07.2004, 02:08 GMT+1
edited 22.07.2004, 02:08 GMT+1

Way to rip on him cybe lol jk
and were did u get those textures

Dittohead writes:(new) 26.07.2004, 18:50 GMT+1

I really like this... nice job.

LordTyphoon writes:(new) 12.08.2004, 17:32 GMT+1

Nice work... model a tad weird though... and why the fuck is there no info at all? O_o

boris writes:(new) 12.08.2004, 18:08 GMT+1

LordTyphoon said:

and why the fuck is there no info at all? O_o

Good question...

Jow writes:(new) 12.08.2004, 18:55 GMT+1
edited 12.08.2004, 18:56 GMT+1

Argh, what happend to my info? Maybe some kind of bug? Crap... I'll have to write the info again...

boris writes:(new) 12.08.2004, 21:43 GMT+1

Jow said:

Argh, what happend to my info? Maybe some kind of bug?

I have not the slightest idea :(

Jow writes:(new) 12.08.2004, 22:10 GMT+1

Could it be that when I was updating it, I quickly stopped the sending of the modifications and changed position of one sentence and then pressed the modify button again?

Good thing about the weird vanishing, is that now the description looks much better.

boris writes:(new) 13.08.2004, 06:19 GMT+1

Jow said:
Could it be that when I was updating it, I quickly stopped the sending of the modifications and changed position of one sentence and then pressed the modify button again?

That should no matter. And I think I'd have seen that something is wrong, while approving

Infurnus writes:(new) 13.08.2004, 07:56 GMT+1

This hasn't taken a turn for the worst, it has taken a turn for the awesome.

harry writes:(new) 13.08.2004, 17:03 GMT+1

oooo, lookin good! is it still not compatible with doomsday 1.8 series?

Jow writes:(new) 13.08.2004, 18:19 GMT+1

The indevelopement version is, but the released version is not. I'll add it to the description...

Daniel1982 writes:(new) 14.08.2004, 18:24 GMT+1

Pretty textures, nice atmosphere... Doomsday has the most impressive light effects for Doom, and Jow is using it very well. Nice wad!

GrayLancer writes:(new) 18.08.2004, 07:46 GMT+1

Looks really cool. You've done a great job making it look distinctly different from plain old Doom.

That second shot reminds me of System Shock 2 for some reason. Must be the blue tone.

harry writes:(new) 23.09.2004, 23:31 GMT+1

Can't wait till your next release :D

Blair Cahue writes:(new) 27.09.2004, 15:10 GMT+1

No body uses .rar, try .zip

Nmn writes:(new) 27.09.2004, 15:57 GMT+1

Blair said:
Nobody Uses Rar

O_o I'm sorry but that's utter bullshit.

Nmn writes:(new) 01.11.2004, 00:13 GMT+1

Double post, whee.
Looking very juicy there sir! I share great respect for Doom projects that take the player away from Doom's universe actually-I know they requie a massive ammount of new resources, if not everything New. What I see here shines with excellence, especially the custom HUD-a very innovative and nice addition. Your work on the resources and the maps makes my reaction no other but admire. This doesn't look like Doom, nope. It looks new, but not only-it does look great :D
Splendid work. Keep up, don't stop.

killingblair writes:(new) 01.11.2004, 14:52 GMT+1

.exe? diden't see that coming:)

MasterOfPuppets writes:(new) 04.11.2004, 03:41 GMT+1

really cool, really good looking. its up there with Half-Life, i think. if i may though, i think you can do a better job on the arm models.

harry writes:(new) 16.12.2004, 17:50 GMT+1

Looking nice as always, Jow:D I can't wait for the next update:D

Dark_Shadow2004 writes:(new) 16.12.2004, 18:31 GMT+1

looks really cool! Textures are awesome as well as the base story, lots of creativity. Hell, it does not even look like doom anymore it seems to be 'A Game Based off of the Doom Enhanced Engine' lol. Good Job.

Nmn writes:(new) 16.12.2004, 21:02 GMT+1

Very cool Jow. Every batch of Your screenshots raise my pulse and I admire the time You've spent with this project. Thumbs up.

Chronoteeth writes:(new) 16.12.2004, 21:30 GMT+1

Somehow, all the guns I use, don't fire.

Jow writes:(new) 16.12.2004, 22:25 GMT+1

Can you tell me what Doomsday and ZooW versions you're using? Are the guns loaded? You (may) need to (re)load them.

harry writes:(new) 16.12.2004, 23:18 GMT+1

Yeah, I had trouble like that, then I descovered the reload button:P

dethtoll writes:(new) 17.12.2004, 06:08 GMT+1

the story is interesting. a bit of a system shock knockoff, but interesting nonetheless. that 2nd shot wins, i love it.

Dark_Shadow2004 writes:(new) 17.12.2004, 06:44 GMT+1

i just played it...pretty nice work...my only gripe is teh way the hands/guns kinda wander off in any direction they want to lol...other than that is great!! Good Work

Jow writes:(new) 17.12.2004, 06:52 GMT+1

I think I'll have to slow the hud idle animations... think the player character has adhd and is very nervous.

Dark_Shadow2004 writes:(new) 17.12.2004, 07:12 GMT+1

lol too funny. Its not a major problem just a little one.

Dark_Shadow2004 writes:(new) 04.01.2005, 21:08 GMT+1

Nice shots jow, this wad was fun to play and had some kick ass shit XG wise. This is becoming a serious cornerstone for JDoom editing.

MR.INSANE writes:(new) 17.01.2005, 02:36 GMT+1

congrats on getting 2nd place in the simulation section on moty

Jow writes:(new) 17.01.2005, 04:02 GMT+1

Thank you :D It was very unexpected thing to happen.

Nmn writes:(new) 23.02.2005, 21:48 GMT+1

Congratulation on acomplishment of such an ambitious project. Thumbs up.

Kristus writes:(new) 23.02.2005, 22:20 GMT+1

This looks intresting.

Doom_Dude writes:(new) 24.02.2005, 03:14 GMT+1

Congrats on getting it done. :)

Kristus writes:(new) 24.02.2005, 16:19 GMT+1

Why are the other aliens that escaped with me craoushing all over the place?

VivaDeath writes:(new) 24.02.2005, 16:58 GMT+1

Very cool...perhaps someone will make a World War II doom mod?

Jow writes:(new) 24.02.2005, 18:08 GMT+1

I guess they're stupid... I wanted too much into this mod and I couldn't do it all. So somethings are weird and somethings are not so weird.

Nmn writes:(new) 25.02.2005, 02:24 GMT+1

So somethings are weird and somethings are not so weird.

Congratulations on making this my quote of the day ;)

Kristus writes:(new) 25.02.2005, 11:50 GMT+1
edited 25.02.2005, 11:51 GMT+1

Are you supposed to not be able to jump? And do you have a limited ammount of stamina? IE running out of fatigue as you run.

Jow writes:(new) 25.02.2005, 13:58 GMT+1

yep, you'll run out of fatigue if you run and jump a lot. It'll restore in some time if you stay still for a while...

Kristus writes:(new) 26.02.2005, 02:31 GMT+1

But I can't jump. Nothing happens.

Jow writes:(new) 26.02.2005, 13:15 GMT+1

Go to Options->Gameplay and check if jumping is disabled.. but it should be enabled by default.

CKeen writes:(new) 14.12.2007, 13:13 GMT+1

I can't download that from doomrepublic.com the site is not working

unlitdarkness6 writes:(new) 01.02.2011, 10:50 GMT+1

Sites been changed..... Fix?????

adamschule85 writes:(new) 12.08.2019, 07:27 GMT+1

Keep doing your great job and always gain my support. series synonym

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