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ZDaemon CTF ][
by AlexMax
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These are screenshots of the project-in-progress by the name of "ZDaemon CTF ][". This is the second map pack in the series, with hopefully many more to follow these. It's a community chest type of project, where people submit wads to me, and if I like what I see, they get put in the map pack.

The map names, for reference, start at MAP11 and end at MAP20. ZDaemon doesn't seem to like doing what I'm about to describe, but hopefully in the future you will be able to load both the first and the second map pack at the same time. (Again, it doesn't work right now)

The current maplist...

MAP11: Tribute
by AlexMax
MAP12: SubTerra (Shown in Screenshot #2)
by Exl
MAP13: Twice as Simple
by Nestea
MAP14: The Sanguinary Longshot (Already featured on WIP)
by EarthQuake
MAP15: Sewers Smell Bad
by Nestea
MAP16: Return to Phobos
by Exl
MAP17: Burn it with Fire (Shown in Screenshot #1)
by AlexMax
MAP18: The Old Castle
by Nestea
MAP19: UAC Headquarters (Shown in Screenshot #3)
by SirTimberWolf and EarthQuake
MAP20: On the Bowl
by SnowBro

If you want to try out any of the maps, look for ZDaemon servers with CTFULTA in their name of the PWAD. The WAD numbers begin with a number, and that number represents what version of the map pack it is.

Comments are welcome.

EDIT: The map pack is now up to Release Canadate 3. It also can be run with the -file paramitor with zdctfmp.wad (make sure you put the two wads in chronological order though). Comments would be greatly appriciated.

Lutrov71 writes:(new) 23.04.2004, 08:11 GMT+1

Some nice new textures, especially that GVINE texture. Lot's of theme variation too. This may make the wad a bit unenjoyable if it isn't too big.

Looking cool. I like shot 2 and 3, not so much shot 1. (It will look better when being played.)

boris writes:(new) 23.04.2004, 15:36 GMT+1

Shot #1 looks interesting. Shot #2 somehow reminds me of cs_italy.

Nmn writes:(new) 23.04.2004, 16:10 GMT+1

Shot 1 looks very interesting indeed. Somehow reminds me of Ut2k3 map, Magma Fortress. Perhaps a break in those rocks on Screen 2? I really like the banners on shot 3-really shows the power and majestic feeling of the mighty E1, hehe

MasterOfPuppets writes:(new) 24.04.2004, 01:18 GMT+1

i like very (VERY!) much the moss (or whatever) hanging down from the sky lights in screenshot #2. shot 1 looks way cool, too, but i don't like the seemingly never ending sea of lava, i would have had a wall out there or some sort of border. but thats just me, besides, it does still look really cool.

EarthQuake writes:(new) 26.04.2004, 14:59 GMT+1

I totally disagree on the lava thing, with the way it is now, it seems like your are stranded out in the middle of nowhere...

harry writes:(new) 29.05.2004, 20:56 GMT+1

Shot 1 looks well good!:)

EarthQuake writes:(new) 11.06.2004, 07:12 GMT+1
edited 11.06.2004, 07:14 GMT+1

God damnit, update this wad profile.

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