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Doom64: Outcast (Pending)
by Kaiser
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UPDATE 7-7-05: Its done nuff said. ftp://dsv@server1.thefourwinds.net/doom64/d64outcast.zip

UPDATE 3/18/05: Holy shit this page is getting big isn't it? Anyways, for some strange and ususual reason, I got interested in this project again..now I am not saying that it has been uncancelled, but I am just experimenting with this expansion and seeing where I will end up.I will try (I hope) to get this expansion done within May or June. If not then I'll just chunk it out the door and focus on more important things (like Phobos). Anyways I appriciate some of those comments (after spending 10 minutes reading it all) and I hope I can finish Outcast although its a 50/50 chance that I will get it done.

Anyways here are some additions I added to Outcast to keep things interesting for me:

New enemy: Nightmare Bruiser - Like Knights except they hurl MotherDemon missiles. yay.

Armageddon - Big blue version of the MotherDemon. Will kick your ass. Nuff said.

Two new laser artifacts: Levitation device and Hell Time. With the Levitation Device your Unmaker will summon the souls of the demons and form it into a 'stepper' allowing you to hop on and use it to reach high areas. Although using this will cost 5 points of the player's health.
And the Hell Time artifact will cause the Unmaker to unleash an force of energy causing all life matter to slow down in time, leaving you uneffected. This saps away 20 points of the player's health. Once the Hell Time expires, everything will revert to normal. Both of these artifacts will will used quite frequently in the later maps, and some areas will force you to use Hell Time, including fighting the Nightmare Bruisers and the final Boss.


UPDATE: 2/22/05: Outcast is nuked. To the two or three people actually anticpating this mod, sorry, I cannot go on with this project any further. The reason why I am stopping is because of lack of intrest, and lack of control to the Doomsday engine. The Doomsday engine did wonders for converting Doom64, but it absolutely fails at creating new doom64 maps. Still today I wish for a better (and more customed) engine for the TC, but due the community's lack of interest and lack of intrest for this project mainly due the fact that its not detailed as in today's wads (which everyone seems to choose over gameplay), I decided that I should stop wasting my time with this and just stop. The Outcast SDK (which contains new monsters and linetypes, as well as the Outcast maps) will be availible at /newstuff and Doom Depot soon.


After destroying the demons, you remained in hell to insure that no demon ever rises again. Seven years have passed since the Absolution and you have now been forgotten, no one knows about your effort to save the world from hell, no one knows about your war anymore. UAC have re-contructed their headquaters on Mars were they continue their research. Times have passed as you remained isolated and kept from human existance. Being fed up with your own presence, you exit hell to return to whats left of Phobos, only to find the remaining demons nesting. The demons have gone insane as now having no where to go and no where to hide.

Craving for your killing instinct, you begin your killing frenzy on the remaining demons. This isn't for UAC, or Earth anymore, this is all for you. These will be your last days alive as you no longer have the will to live anymore.

Doom64: Outcast is a add on pack for the Doom64 TC featuring 10 levels, 2 secret maps, and 4 new enemies. The add on levels can be accessed though the in game menu.
Some of the new enemies will include the return of the Chaingun Zombie, and a Acid spewing Demon.

Outcast will be completed when it done :P

UPDATE: 6/30/04 added new screenshots

yeah I know, I need to chang
e the page name :p

UPDATE: 1/9/05 thought this project died eh? You thought wrong. The dsv site is dead, so right now there's site/info about this add-on at the moment. Enjoy the screenies!

Nmn writes:(new) 13.04.2004, 18:45 GMT+1

3 cheers for Kaiser!

iori writes:(new) 13.04.2004, 22:30 GMT+1

Mein Gotte en Himmel! (sp?)
Looks freaking nice. Not much else to say really, besides that the new additions look to be really something. Is that a red health bonus I see in Shot 2?...and a green demon for that matter?

MasterOfPuppets writes:(new) 14.04.2004, 00:46 GMT+1

freak'n sweet screenshots!

Agent Spork writes:(new) 15.04.2004, 16:56 GMT+1

Looks nice as usual Kais!

Of course I've had the liberty to see the new monsters in action.

Curunir writes:(new) 16.04.2004, 21:41 GMT+1

More like "Mein Gott in Himmel!" :)
Also, I see the author has chosen the editor of Death. I'm surprised people can make such good-looking stuff with it. But, hey, whatever floats your boat. I'm glad you manage to produce something as nice.

Kaiser writes:(new) 18.05.2004, 16:58 GMT+1

I also wanted to point out that there will be a Zdoom version of this project for multiplayer. But I am not too sure how "good" its going to turn out, especially since there will be no lightning on the textures...

Tormentor667 writes:(new) 18.05.2004, 19:04 GMT+1

Well, don't know why, but all the Doom64 maps look very similar, no special screenshots or special locations :( This was one of the big problems I encountered while playing Doom 64 Absolution. And when I look at the screenshots of ths "Outcast" project, it's almost the same. Maybe you could do something about it?

I think also, that the use of colored lightning and Doom64 textures overshades the fact, that the maps itself lack of detail (especially screenshot number 3, you could add some more sectors & stuff to it).

Nmn writes:(new) 18.05.2004, 19:15 GMT+1

Dang, it's a real shame the Chaingun Zombies are just ole' D64 guys. I really imagined them as zombies with helmets, armours and real chainguns-meaning, new graphics :-)
The Radar is certainly a very impressing feature and a nice looking graphic. I tought there was going to be a new weapon too.

iori writes:(new) 18.05.2004, 21:39 GMT+1

Nice, the new site looks good too. One of the only things that make the TC/Outcast levels seem odd is that light intensity cannot be modified (255 is the maximum amount of light, no fading into the white tables). That of course isnt possible without an engine rewrite, but it was one of my initial gripes about the conversion. I like the new powerup ideas, but I do have a question about the Doomsday sphere: Does it kill you too? In the description, it says that it kills everything breathing, meaning you too.... It may seem obvious, but I just wanted to clarify.
And I understand how hard it is to create 'new' monster sprites, as I'm doing that myself. Palette swaps arent bad in this case at all, at least the effects the monsters have are creative ;).

Kaiser writes:(new) 19.05.2004, 02:20 GMT+1
edited 19.05.2004, 02:21 GMT+1

Torment: Doom64 never had detail to begin with, and because of the textures, its even harder to generate extreme detail. The Outcast levels remain true to the oringinal Doom64 game, as if its still 1997. The Outcast level's detail is equal to that of Final Doom's TNT and Plutonia. Also the oringinal Doom64 engine still had vpo limits like Vanilla Doom.

Nmn: Tried implenting a new weapon, but the Doomsday code just kept giving me problems..

iori: the doomsday artifact will not kill you..just drops you health down to 1..
I've modified absolution.exe to cusomtize the glow variations for tall rooms etc. But other than that, it would require a serious engine makeover to make it exactly the same to the oringinal D64 engine..

btw, I know this project won't be for everyone..why do you think its called Outcast?

Jow writes:(new) 19.05.2004, 02:47 GMT+1
edited 19.05.2004, 02:50 GMT+1

It's for people who lives behind the rocks and trees, rarely seen by the normal people.

If you want more weapons than 10, you need to do some little tricks...

Looking pretty cool. I think you got good detailing in these shots. Those computers in shot 1 looks a bit strange... They're like too high for anyone to use them...

My favorite shot of these is the 2nd one. I like fighting in somewhat cramped corridors like this.

3rd shot looks cool, looks like it has lots of places to go.

The radar thing you're going to have or already have, does it only show the monster locations or does it also show the items, decorations and such things?

Kaiser writes:(new) 19.05.2004, 03:59 GMT+1

The Radar is pretty much like the iddt cheat, which also displays enemies in red and other objects in blue. The laser keys also have its own color.

iori writes:(new) 19.05.2004, 09:00 GMT+1

Ahh, so the laser keys make a return. Neat.
I like the third shot best I'd have to say, those flat-emitted glows are in-fact vertex shaders, no? Yet more clarification on my part.

Anyways, Ive never considered adding new items/artifacts really... interesting.

Tormentor667 writes:(new) 19.05.2004, 17:10 GMT+1

@Kaiser - Well, so it is something more general we talk about ;) Nevertheless, I would appreciate some more detail, because I don't see any sense of working on maps as if we still have 1997, think about it ;) 1997, there haven't been lenseflares and stuff like in Doom64 (Doomsday) ;)

Nmn writes:(new) 20.05.2004, 22:25 GMT+1

I still say there shuold be a new sprite for Chaingun Zombies :-P.

Tormentor-What about the atmosphere and the feeling of playin' a legend? Playing maps that You think they were mapped by Tim Heydelaar, Randy Estrella, or Danny Lewis 8-) Awesome.

melfice writes:(new) 20.05.2004, 23:24 GMT+1

Regarding the argument over "detail." If Doom was ever meant to be detailed, the original games would have been. If you want detail, go play another game.

boris writes:(new) 21.05.2004, 00:32 GMT+1

melfice said:
If Doom was ever meant to be detailed, the original games would have been.

Sorry, but that's bullshit (as are all if Doom was ever meant to be ... arguments). It was detailed for the time back then. The computers just couldn't handle more plus the designers were incapable of doing better design.

Blizzardson writes:(new) 25.05.2004, 23:33 GMT+1

Yeah,now i've the ability to continue playing doom64 afterall,
i like those storys,last time he stuck on hell after he beat
that motherdemon,now i'm wonder shall he ever get back to earth,somehow?heh!! :D

MasterOfPuppets writes:(new) 30.06.2004, 18:34 GMT+1

2 cyberdemons, o boy! can't wait

iori writes:(new) 01.07.2004, 08:21 GMT+1
edited 01.07.2004, 08:22 GMT+1

I was just thinking today about this project on WIP. Neat.

I would really consider aligning the pillars in shot2 up with the diamonds on the floor however.

Nmn writes:(new) 01.07.2004, 17:23 GMT+1

Kaiser said:
Outcast will be completed when it's done :P

Oh the pain, suffering. :-( (was supposed to be out in June >:-| )
Anyway, awesome as always, but 2 cybies and no pillars? It's very hard to circle-strafe them both together. This is gonna be hard.

iori writes:(new) 01.07.2004, 20:08 GMT+1

Oh, it will be hard, but there are pillars at the back of the rooms for slight cover, and if you have enough cells, cybies arent that hard..
Then again, we'd have to play it and find out for ourselves =p

DarkSoul writes:(new) 03.07.2004, 04:49 GMT+1

Looks awesome. Makes me wanna map for doom64

Agent Spork writes:(new) 03.07.2004, 07:06 GMT+1

Looking good as usual. That third screenshot looks particularly nice and deadly.

joe2 writes:(new) 08.01.2005, 04:54 GMT+1

so this mod for Doom64 TC is it still being worked on

Nmn writes:(new) 10.01.2005, 00:46 GMT+1

YAY! They turned out better than I tought :) Go go Team Kaiser.

impboy4 writes:(new) 10.01.2005, 22:24 GMT+1

What happend to your website Kaiser? I went in there and i get the Forbidden page. o_o

impboy4 writes:(new) 10.01.2005, 22:24 GMT+1

What happend to your website Kaiser? I went in there and i get the Forbidden page. o_o

Nmn writes:(new) 10.01.2005, 22:25 GMT+1

Reading the description doesn't hurt.

Agent Spork writes:(new) 16.01.2005, 04:05 GMT+1

How's the project coming along Kaiser? Anywhere near completion? I want to get my hands on this (even though I did get to play a WIP version of it about... a year ago). :P

stevesearle writes:(new) 24.01.2005, 22:14 GMT+1

Cool, Kaiser, looking foward to this addon.
Whats the name of that green lost soul thing (Just curious)?

iori writes:(new) 23.02.2005, 11:56 GMT+1
edited 23.02.2005, 11:57 GMT+1

Damn :/

So any other plans for the doom engine Kaiser? Or does doom3 have you transfixed?

Nmn writes:(new) 23.02.2005, 12:54 GMT+1
edited 23.02.2005, 13:01 GMT+1

WTF? WTF? WTF? WTF? Don't You dare cancell it!!! Release at least the levels Damn ! nO!!! :'( :"( :"(

EDIT: Right, thx at least for releasing the work so far ;) But I've lost my hopes for any 1-man community projects now.

NiGHTMARE writes:(new) 23.02.2005, 13:38 GMT+1

This is precisely why you should work on Doom levels for yourself, not other people.

Agent Spork writes:(new) 23.02.2005, 14:04 GMT+1


I was very much looking forward to this. :(

Kristus writes:(new) 23.02.2005, 15:25 GMT+1

This was unexpected. Kaiser I can relate to as why you are sick of working on it. I mean, once you go Doom3 you never go.. doom2. Err, anywya whatever. I just wanted to point out, as you probably noticed from the comments, there's more than 2 poeople who anticipate this project.

Doom_Dude writes:(new) 23.02.2005, 15:44 GMT+1

Wow I didn't think you'd axe this one. I was looking forward to this too. :(

dethtoll writes:(new) 23.02.2005, 15:57 GMT+1


Nmn writes:(new) 23.02.2005, 16:52 GMT+1
edited 23.02.2005, 16:53 GMT+1

Anticapating? I was waiting a fucking round year for this to come!!! :'(

Kaiser writes:(new) 23.02.2005, 19:11 GMT+1
edited 23.02.2005, 19:16 GMT+1

This is precisely why you should work on Doom levels for yourself, not other people.

Actually, Outcast WAS meant just for me. But I also rely on feedback to keep me interested in the project. I tossed it because I have too many crap going on with other projects and feeling that cancelling a project will take a huge load off my back. Outcast was at the bottom of my priority list and I felt that its not fun anymore to work on a project with a engine that limits me to every other possibility, I felt that its pointless to struggle with such a mod like this and decided to just stop.

Besides that doesn't mean I am deleting it forever. The DLL file which contains the data for the new monsters etc along with the unfinished outcast wad will be uploaded to newstuff soon. I just need to get it organized...whenever I feel like messing with it again.

And now for once I can focus on Phobos and Last Man Standing...

Anticapating? I was waiting a fucking round year for this to come!!! :'(

Actually, I was working on this for two and a half years. I could of been done with it LONG ago but unfortunetly the engine kept making me lose my intrest.

Or does doom3 have you transfixed?

Not yet but its getting there ;)

Chronoteeth writes:(new) 23.02.2005, 19:41 GMT+1

Great, now you are a doom 3er. I can see it now, a question you will ask in a few months. It will contain the words "Whats a linedef?" Heh. :p

Kristus writes:(new) 23.02.2005, 19:46 GMT+1

What's a linedef?

sitters writes:(new) 23.02.2005, 20:04 GMT+1

I am new to this community, but I donít understand people start a good looking wad and then cancelled everything. I make in the first place the wad for myself. And the challenge for me, is to get the most out of it. Of course I like good critics ( and the bad ). I am a hires freak and I look around and I find no much hires doom 2 maps, and the ports can do it. Now I am modeling to make my wad much more like a modern game. The ports can do it why the people not ( give the ports the energy that they earn ! ).

Greetings from Holland.

stevesearle writes:(new) 23.02.2005, 20:36 GMT+1

Shit! This is a real shame. The maps I played showed real promise for the whole outcast pack, as well as the new monsters. It's unfortunate that there is little interest in Doom 64 mapping, and this announcement just makes things worse.

Perhaps someone could take the pack on and release it fully with new maps.

I can understand your reasons for cancelling this project, Kaiser.
I've had many instances with my Doom 64 project where I have a lack of motivation for the work.

All the best with your other projects, Kaiser.

Kristus writes:(new) 23.02.2005, 20:43 GMT+1

I can totally understand. Simple, Doom2 mapping is boring as hell. Well, that's my reason anyway. Can't say if that's Kaisers reason. Oh yeah, and because people don't revere me as a god for the maps I've made, people should see that I am godlike in every way and that I am teh bestest map designer ever and kiss my feet and my ass and .. I'm so envious of people like Nick Baker and Tormentor, those people really have it all. ... I forgot what I was talking about.

Doom_Dude writes:(new) 23.02.2005, 21:34 GMT+1

Sometimes we (people who make stuff for games) end up with more stuff to do then we first intended and I can't blame Kaiser for cutting himself some slack.

Nmn writes:(new) 23.02.2005, 21:53 GMT+1

Sitters said:
I am new to this community, but I donít understand people start a good looking wad and then cancelled everything. I make in the first place the wad for myself. And the challenge for me, is to get the most out of it

Bless You! May You never experience any mapping blocks. I wish I could say the same, not start a new project just to abandon it :P What's Your secret?
Kristus said:
Simple, Doom2 mapping is boring as hell

Totally agree, even architecture-wise You MUST choose between either slopes or 3d floors as there's no sourceport that would allow You to create real 3d geometry. Oh Lord...

Doom_Dude writes:(new) 23.02.2005, 22:01 GMT+1

I agree, the limits of mapping for Doom 2 can be a bit boring... but I can't yet say it's boring as hell. heh.

Kristus writes:(new) 23.02.2005, 22:23 GMT+1

I'm not talking about limits. I'm talking about the process.

Nmn writes:(new) 23.02.2005, 22:45 GMT+1

I'm talking about the process.

Not agree. The process itself was many times great fun. It's the limits that are boring. Jesus, LIGHTMAP at least. Oh, I forgot it's an 11 year old engine :P

Kristus writes:(new) 23.02.2005, 22:48 GMT+1

It's the limits that makes it the least fun. The process kills my intrest, but battling the limits is the reason I stayed with it for so long. Luckily Doom3 let's me do some battling aswell. So Doom3 is awesome to edit for. Once you go black you never go back. (considering all Doom3 is dark jokes that saying works surpricingly well) :p

Nmn writes:(new) 23.02.2005, 22:52 GMT+1

I say-one should cope with the limits of an engine, so together, they can create some good maps. Ofcourse, reaching the limits of an engine is an important thing, but sometimes it's better not to do it, as Your machine might not take it and just burn, i.e. things will go that slow it won't be any fun to play with the editor anymore on that map. Something like that I've experienced for Serious Sam-I wanted to make a Doom3-esque map, but the engine isn't really made for such things, not to mention the whole thing looked ugly as hell, so I decided, bowing to engine's limits (i.e. Large open spaces and mostly plain architecture, but pretty in it's simplicity... :P) is very fine for me. So I can make good maps, and not loose the interest in the engine too quick. Ahh.. just my philosophy ;) //apologizes for offtopicness, but since Outcast is dead :P

shaviro writes:(new) 23.02.2005, 22:57 GMT+1

I have no idea what you're trying to say in that post O_o
Anyway, I agree with Kristus. IMO Working around the limits is the fun part of editing for Doom/2. The proces itself is incredibly tedious.

Nmn writes:(new) 23.02.2005, 23:00 GMT+1
edited 23.02.2005, 23:01 GMT+1

I have no idea what you're trying to say in that post O_o

:P Try not to have Your idea for a level exceed the engine's capabilities, otherwise You will see that engine as too weak. Instead try to accept it's limits while still having interesting ideas in Your level.
Simple stuff, my method of thinking in editing :)
And I disagree-the process is fun indeed, You just have to take breaks sometimes :P
Have some coffee, eat ice cream, maybe even play some games or check out the forums, or get out of the house :P

Kristus writes:(new) 23.02.2005, 23:05 GMT+1
edited 23.02.2005, 23:07 GMT+1

The reason I stayed with Doom2 editing for so long, was that I could make things that the engine technically couldn't do but I forced it to do so anyway by finding ways to work around the limits and find pleasure in that. I don't care for editing inside the bounds of an enginges limits. That's not challenging it's just mundane.

And if the engine doesn't have any limits, then the computer have limits, that I will do my best to make the most out of.

NiGHTMARE writes:(new) 23.02.2005, 23:10 GMT+1
edited 23.02.2005, 23:16 GMT+1

To go completely off-topic...

Oh yeah, and because people don't revere me as a god for the maps I've made, people should see that I am godlike in every way and that I am teh bestest map designer ever and kiss my feet and my ass and .. I'm so envious of people like Nick Baker and Tormentor, those people really have it all. ... I forgot what I was talking about.

You completely misunderstood my point, didn't you? :(

While "these maps look worse than the originals" might be enough for newbie level designers (though I sincerely doubt that it is), when it comes to people who've been designing levels for years and have released maps that are well liked, if critics really want the work to be improved, they need to provide more detailed comments. Unfortunately, these weren't being (and with one exception still haven't been) provided.

So no, I've not been bragging about the fact that my maps tend to be well liked, merely pointing out that everyone needs to consider this when making criticism. And no, the reason they need to consider this is not because I clearly know exactly what I'm doing, and therefore telling me it's not good enough merely makes the critic looks like an idiot; it's because since my maps tend to be well liked, I stick with the same level design methods I've grown used to... so I'll need a lot more to go on than "less is more" and "my life would only improve if this project were cancelled" if I'm to improve a new level I'm working on any.

Kristus writes:(new) 23.02.2005, 23:16 GMT+1
edited 23.02.2005, 23:17 GMT+1

Actually, I was just having a little tantrum over there, Nothing at all about KDIZD. I wanted an example of someone who were well known and all that and for the moment you and Tormentor was the only ones I could think of. Not my intention to piss you off. I was just breathing out from reading millions of pages about that damn industrial revolution. So, my apologies. TBH I actually was thinking about Foofoo more than anything at the time of writing. So if Foofoo also get's offended I guess I'll apologize to him aswell.

NiGHTMARE writes:(new) 23.02.2005, 23:18 GMT+1

No worries :).

But if anyone's envious, it's me; I've never been able to get the hang of editing in three dimensions. I tried making a few Quake 1 and Half-life levels, but I just ended up getting a headache :P.

Kristus writes:(new) 23.02.2005, 23:21 GMT+1

Heh, well. there's ways to make it easier. You can hide large portions of the map for instance (by using regions) and the editors today are alot better than the ones that were around for q1 and Hl. :p Just look at it as building with blocks. Flexible blocks.

Nmn writes:(new) 23.02.2005, 23:22 GMT+1
edited 23.02.2005, 23:23 GMT+1

I don't understand people having trouble editing in 3d dimensions. It's butt-easy, You just need to think the 3d way :/. Hmph.

Kristus writes:(new) 23.02.2005, 23:24 GMT+1

Personally, I think it's easier than in 2d- I wonder if anyone else thinks that aswell.

Nmn writes:(new) 23.02.2005, 23:26 GMT+1

Yeah, I second that. 2D is harder to imitate the 3dness and more realism.

Chronoteeth writes:(new) 23.02.2005, 23:28 GMT+1

I totally aggree (although I don't map). I made a crappy map before in doom, and it was a simple wow.wad, but it worked! Then I tried editing with the unreal editor. I got a headache just lookin at it.

Nmn writes:(new) 24.02.2005, 00:42 GMT+1
edited 24.02.2005, 00:42 GMT+1

EDIT: Thank God a lot of people are NOT like You.

Doom_Dude writes:(new) 24.02.2005, 00:47 GMT+1

Try editing for Blade Of Darkness then you'll have a hellish migraine. :p

Kaiser is going to have a lot of reading in here once he returns. :p

As for editing in 3D I used to think it's easier than working in 2D... however with the addition of Doom Builder and it's 3D mode I have found it make the 2D editing much easier. As for 3D editing, Radiant is pretty cool and now that its been mentioned I feel like doing some Doom 3 mapping again. :p

MasterOfPuppets writes:(new) 24.02.2005, 00:51 GMT+1

dang, i was one of the ppl looking foreword to this. o well, i understand your frustration with Doom 64 and Doomsday, that month or so i was trying it sucked. well, at least there will be an sdk thingy, i'll look foreward to that.

iori writes:(new) 24.02.2005, 02:26 GMT+1

Wow.. this thread had 33 replies last time I was here, now its up to 67...
If that's not Community Interest, then I don't know what is ;)
Ah well, best of luck i guess..

Kristus writes:(new) 24.02.2005, 07:20 GMT+1

Doomdude: That 3d mode is pretty useless imo. It doesn't show how the map looks with slopes or 3d floors and it takes forever to open up in 3d mode cause DB have to nodebuild first every time you've changed anything. WHereas you in D3Radiant have a very flexible 3d mode that lets you not only see a quick mockup of the level in the 3d view (like in earlier Radiants and all other such editors like Hammer) but you also get to choose if you want the 3d view rendered with the lighting, and you can choose tu run it with a plethora of different settings. For instance you can in the editor view the 3d mode with r_showlightcount 1. +animations, +realtime +lights (let's you see the light sources even in rendered mode so you can edit them on the fly)

NiGHTMARE writes:(new) 24.02.2005, 14:31 GMT+1

You know, it's a shame Kaiser didn't contribute his levels to Redemption Denied :).

Kristus writes:(new) 24.02.2005, 16:20 GMT+1

Well, either that or have the projects merge.

Doom_Dude writes:(new) 24.02.2005, 18:53 GMT+1

@Kristus: I've used D3Radiant for a short period of time and all those things you mentioned are true. I actually forgot about the fact that D3Radiant shows the lighting and animations right in the editor.

As for the slopes and 3D floors not being rendered in Doom Builder's 3D mode.... I don't think I will ever need to see those in 3d for Doom level design. I think that's due to having so much practice in using the primitive DoomCad for so long where all you had was a grid to work on.

As for Kaiser's Doom64: Outcast, maybe he'll take it up again sometime.

killingblair writes:(new) 24.02.2005, 20:54 GMT+1

Canceled? Noooooooooooo!

dethtoll writes:(new) 24.02.2005, 22:22 GMT+1

i'll probably make levels for old 2d games for a long time. it'll take me too long to get used to full-3d mapping.

man, i was so happy when i figured out how to make slopes in zdoom. it's a good deal more complicated than just hitting the [ and ] keys like you can in build engine games.

Nmn writes:(new) 24.02.2005, 22:40 GMT+1

You should have started with 3d editing, wouldn't be a problem now (at least not such a large one) IMO.

NiGHTMARE writes:(new) 24.02.2005, 23:33 GMT+1

Actually I did start with 3D editing, namely 3D Construction Kit :P.

That had an extremely different mapping method than most modern editors, though ;).

Kristus writes:(new) 25.02.2005, 11:50 GMT+1

Nick: That's funny, it was the first 3d tool I used aswell. Then I got truespace and didn't get shit from that, then 3d studio. then Q3Radiant then Worldcraft then Back to radiant and now, Doom3 radiant (Aka Doom3edit). :p

Nmn writes:(new) 25.02.2005, 13:16 GMT+1

The first editor I used ever was UnrealEd 1.0. The first editor I started seriously learning was.. Serious Ed ;) I also fancy Gmax when it comes to messing with 3d objects/worlds, so 3d editing is comfortable and pleasurable, at least for moi.

Doom_Dude writes:(new) 26.02.2005, 14:30 GMT+1
edited 26.02.2005, 14:30 GMT+1

First editior I used was DoomCad and the first 3D editor was Worldcraft. Did a bunch of Half-Life mapping. Never released any of that H-L stuff but it was a great learning experience in designing.

I once tried UnrealED but the test level I made killed the player somehow (if my memory is right) so I gave up and never went back. Sucks when you work from a tutorial that's not quite thorough on the explaining.. :p

Nmn writes:(new) 18.03.2005, 15:44 GMT+1

What in the flying fuck?! Whoa. 5 cheers for Kaiser! :-D

Kristus writes:(new) 18.03.2005, 18:47 GMT+1


iori writes:(new) 19.03.2005, 00:05 GMT+1

Indeed, more screens to salivate at.

Agent Spork writes:(new) 19.03.2005, 00:06 GMT+1

Maps look awesome. Those new additions sound interesting as well.

MasterOfPuppets writes:(new) 19.03.2005, 21:45 GMT+1

wow...i won't even ask how you do the hell time and stuff. this is surely going to be great...if you do deside to finish it.

Infurnus writes:(new) 20.03.2005, 05:29 GMT+1

This is awesome, even if you don't finish it, RELEASE IT. Please.

stevesearle writes:(new) 23.03.2005, 23:29 GMT+1

Well Fuck me, I wasn't expecting this. Great news.
I must say that the Outcast maps I played that came with the sdk were very enjoyable, and I, like everyone else on this thread, want to wish you the best of luck in completing this pack, and making a good job of it.

Nmn writes:(new) 28.03.2005, 18:23 GMT+1

How's the progress? I crave info!

joe2 writes:(new) 14.05.2005, 22:02 GMT+1

Hay Kaiser good looking Doom64 mission pack . but don't get bumed out just becuse people like detail and not gameplay. i like the gameplay and the detail of some Zdoom wads I have downloaded. and from what i can see in you sreenshots of your Doom64 mission pack It looks bitchen. I have the Doom64 TC on my Dads computer and I have played it a thousand times man and it keeps getting better. I love the NewDoom and the Old classec Doom to. my dad says that i should giveup the Old Doom and just play the NewDoom but I say to him i like both but i perfer the Classec Doom gameplay better. so anywhy keep working on this great Doom64 TC mission pack and i hope to play a nother adition to the Doom64 gameplay.


Paul writes:(new) 19.05.2005, 00:34 GMT+1

Title say: Released. Where's the link?! :( I've been waiting for 2 years now!

Kaiser writes:(new) 20.05.2005, 08:16 GMT+1

I am waiting for stevesearle's approval to include his unfinished map set in Outcast.

stevesearle writes:(new) 22.05.2005, 23:35 GMT+1

I thought I gave you approval to edit and include my doom 64 maps, Kaiser.
Sorry for not noticing this, as I've been knocking out Zaero for a while now.

Anyway, do what you want with my maps.

Kaiser writes:(new) 23.05.2005, 05:32 GMT+1

Well, I was hoping maybe help spice them up real quick as well as add some new items like hell time in one of your maps. Other than that thats it. But if possible could you email them to me? I really appriciate your help. Thanks.

stevesearle writes:(new) 23.05.2005, 19:28 GMT+1

Thats odd, because I remember sending you an email with the levels included some time ago. I'll try sending them again now. Let me know if you get the email or not.

Kaiser writes:(new) 26.05.2005, 04:16 GMT+1

Hi, I didn't get an email.

You sure you are emailing to svkaiser@gmail.com?

Try svhome@gameslink.net instead.
Thanks - sv

stevesearle writes:(new) 27.05.2005, 01:19 GMT+1

Sent the maps to the new address now.
If you still don't get the email, lte me know, but theres probably not a lot I could do about it if you don't get it this time.

Nuxius writes:(new) 12.06.2005, 01:48 GMT+1

So?... How are things going?

Agent Spork writes:(new) 08.07.2005, 12:25 GMT+1

Yay :D

Nmn writes:(new) 08.07.2005, 17:16 GMT+1


Whiteboy567 writes:(new) 10.07.2005, 23:43 GMT+1

!!!!!!! DOOM 64 ADD ON, YOU JUST MADE MY DAY !!!!!!!

joe2 writes:(new) 11.07.2005, 06:38 GMT+1

well i can't download outkast for Doom 64 TC i clike on the URL but it says the it can't be found

Kaiser writes:(new) 11.07.2005, 07:50 GMT+1

go to the doom depot website, the mirror is availible there.

stevesearle writes:(new) 14.07.2005, 23:52 GMT+1

Hey Kaiser, glad to see you released Outcast.

I'll get straight to the point. I'm looking into Doom 64 editing again, any chance I could make use of the Outcast textures to spice my work up a bit?

Kaiser writes:(new) 15.07.2005, 01:28 GMT+1

Sure :)

Of course if you do release anything be sure you give credit to Nmn for the texture set.

Also the Doom64 TC is going to be re-worked on from scratch, and if everything works out right, the TC will be much more customizable and easier to work with lightning and scripts...

The Nephilim writes:(new) 04.11.2005, 04:44 GMT+1

Hi EXCELLENT I just LOVE DOOM64, these addon maps are just what the Dr ordered. just one small problem I am stuck on level 4 the switch is over the other side the stairs and I can NOT get there fast enough HELP!!

I tried shooting the switch but nada how am I supposed to hit the switch as I am unable to get there fast Enough.
I HOPE you finish these levels as this is AWESOME!! Yur Hard work is VERY MUCH APPRECIATED keep up the GOOD work! :)

(sniper) 109 writes:(new) 03.07.2008, 19:53 GMT+1

kraiser can I use your console doom's texture1 and pnames and textures for my doom64 2 the rising?

MiguWexy writes:(new) 26.09.2017, 22:58 GMT+1

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