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by Atreju
new comments Doom, single player
released, doom(2).exe
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Just a map of my house... nothing special...
it's just that only UV has monsters, other difficulty levels are for peaceful visiting...
u can get it http://dooom-xxx.narod.ru/krpr40_v11.rar
if u have trouble with download, tell me, i'll try to place it on a .com site


The last version of the wad is here: http://www.anv.nm.ru/Files/40r.rar
It is now fully compatible with the original Doom.

simple writes:(new) 09.04.2004, 21:14 GMT+1

Ну артею...и тут околачиваешься...доэали=) гыыы
and you wad is not too big, u need to bring more monsters in it, only walking through your house boring%(

Jow writes:(new) 09.04.2004, 21:36 GMT+1

It looks odd... quite fun to play though.

geedougg writes:(new) 12.04.2004, 05:13 GMT+1

House maps are fun to play.... I'll definitely give this a try.

Atreju writes:(new) 16.04.2004, 17:19 GMT+1

simple, wtf does this mean: "Ну артею...и тут околачиваешься...доэали=) гыыы"?!!
for monsters, play UV. other difficulty levels have no monsters. looks like u don't like UV for some reason though...

thanks ;)

PS that's my 1st map, by the way ;)

Atreju writes:(new) 16.04.2004, 17:21 GMT+1

sorry 'bout my previous message, i just had my encoding set wrong :(

killingblair writes:(new) 04.11.2004, 15:09 GMT+1

id make a wad of my house but its too small, plus theres no imps in the closet

Nmn writes:(new) 05.11.2004, 16:36 GMT+1

Why the bump if this is A) Old B) Released? ?

Atreju writes:(new) 22.01.2005, 12:19 GMT+1

What about the bump?

Nmn writes:(new) 22.01.2005, 12:40 GMT+1

Forget it, my bad.

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