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Untitled - Episode 1: The Moon
by Zemini
new comments Doom 2, single player
in progress, ZDoom
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This is the first half of my MegaWad project. Currently untitled, the campaign will be broken up into six episodes with six levels each. I felt that six was the perfect length for each chapter. Five of the levels will be on the base, with the final level being in hell.
If you have played my previous wad “Phobos Echoes”, I have broken up the wad and distributed levels throughout. Some have gone through some major changes, and others have just been updated and fixed. The remaining levels will be in the latter half of the campaign.
Currently, I am just releasing the first three episodes for testing as the remaining three will be released for testing much later. Each one takes place on a different region in the solar system.
EP1 – The Moon
EP2 – Phobos
EP2 – Deimos
EP4 – Mars City
Weapons and Monsters are currently placeholders. If I can ever get into pixel art, I might make my own at some point.
Do not play with any mods that change the weapons or monsters for it will break the maps and flow. Should only be used with the latest version of GZDoom and DOOM2.WAD. Higher resolution is best.
Difficulty for the most part only determines the monster numbers. Easy is almost HMP, while Medium is about UV. Hard hasn’t been tested enough for recommendation, but if you want a challenge feel free to try. Enjoy.

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