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Resident Doom
by Schism
new comments Doom 2, single player
in progress, ZDoom
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My first PWAD.
Uses doom2.wad with ZDoom (not tested with other ports).
My aim to only use vanilla actions.
No new textures, music, sprites etc. No scripts.

So, the challenge is to make it still look good and have immersive gameplay.

As the title suggests it's a bit of a ripoff of Resident Evil done in a Doom style.

You wake up in the canteen at work to find that your workmates have either been eaten or turned into zombies. As the story unfolds you discover the company you were working for were researching demons but didn't realise they were also being researched by an evil entity from some hellish dimension.

You are captured and tested in a range of different environments (which is basically just an excuse for me to let my imagination run riot).

Images (left to right):
Map 01 - Infected
Map 02 - Sabotage
Map 03 - Exorcism

Other Maps (finished unless stated otherwise):
Map 04 - Sentinel
Map 05 - Overkill (secret level)
Map 06 - Barracks
Map 07 - Greyport (in progress)
Map 08 - MissionImp
Map 09 - Fragholm
Map 10 - Nebulous
Map 11 - LogansRun (in progress)
Map 12 - Phobia (in progress)

Each map is large and expected to take 10mins to 30mins to complete. The focus is on some eye candy mixed with a chaotic collection of deceptive traps and sustained threat.

5 months work put in so far (almost daily) then took a break for 4 months and will update intermitantly.
Made with Doom Builder 2 and WAD Mangle (cause SLADE crashes my comp).

Schism writes:(new) 24.02.2017, 09:25 GMT+1
edited 15.01.2018, 22:08 GMT+1

More screenshots:
Map 04 - Sentinel
Map 05 - Overkill
Map 06 - Barracks
Map 07 - Greyport
Map 09 - Fragholm (outside)
Map 09 - Fragholm (inside)
Map 10 - Nebulous pic1
Map 10 - Nebulous pic2
Map 11 - LogansRun
Map 12 - Phobia
Map 13 - Codex
Map 14 - Necronomicon
Map 15 - Disjoint

There's no point showing a screeny for Map 08 because it takes place in the sky.

grouchbag writes:(new) 26.02.2017, 04:37 GMT+1

Looks good!

Schism writes:(new) 02.03.2017, 08:19 GMT+1
edited 15.01.2018, 22:18 GMT+1

Thanks grouchbag :o)

Map 01 - Infected (196k) All difficulties the same.

This level is easier and smaller than the others because it was my first experience of editing anything for Doom. Please let me know what you think of it and if there are any issues.

Warning, later on it's possible to mess up by pressing the wrong switch. If you do you just have to restart the level.

Map 02 - Sabotage (463k) All difficulties the same.

My aim was to make each level more difficult than the last, but this monster level really throws down the gauntlet. Be ready for a challenge. PS The outer rim of this level was inspired by the film Labyrinth.

Map 03 - Exorcism (1,793k) All difficulties the same.

Another huge map. I wanted to model an outside area with less sequential gameplay.

Map 04 - Sentinel (1,780k) All difficulties the same.

This map is almost an episode in itself. It'll have you swearing. I made it to explore extremes of height and monsters that have a positional advantage over you.

Map 05 - Overkill (511k) All difficulties the same.

This secret level was a way to test some disparate ideas that didn't quite fit into any other level. It's smaller than the main levels but don't think that makes it easy.

Map 06 - Barracks (867k) All difficulties the same.

This level was inspired by vague memories of Half Life - Blue Shift and Bioshock. I wanted to put the player into a soldier's building to building sweep situation and also have some traps where the way out isn't necessarily to kill stuff. It's unlikely that you will kill everything in this level, and it's not designed that you'll need to.

Map 07 - Greyport (currently 870k) In progress.

Inspired by airports and public art. Also wanted to explore creating intricate images with floor textures and make a larger internal space that big nasties can run around :>

Map 08 - MissionImp (572k) All difficulties the same.

This level is nothing about eye candy and everything about being overwhelmed. You may have to adjust how you play to complete it.

Map 09 - Fragholm (2356k) All difficulties the same.

Lots of eye candy based on an AD&D fantasy theme.

Map 10 - Nebulous (788k) All difficulties the same.

Inspired by the old game Nebulus which involved running around the outside of huge round towers. Requires some delicate control and finesse. You'll need to reduce to walking speed for 99% of it.

Map 11 - LogansRun (currently 1839k) In progress.

Planned to be a continuous run-away-from-death selection of challenges without any respite.

Map 12 - Phobia (currently 306k) In progress.

It occurred to me that the previous levels were too easy because they follow a logical order within the level. This map is planned to throw the player off guard and disorientate them.

Map 13 - Codex (currently 157k) In progress.

A complicated circular maze that can be solved in different ways - some smarter than others.

Map 14 - Necronomicon (666k) All difficulties the same.

Some eye candy balanced with sneaky puzzles that haven't appeared in previous levels.

Map 15 - DisJoint (currently 495k) In progress.

A somewhat surreal collection of puzzles that'll keep you on edge. I'm still experimenting with new ideas and effects that haven't appeared in previous levels. The test - if it challenges me then I hope it challenges you. At one point you have to exploit infighting to progress and finally pull off a shot from 773 game units distance.

grouchbag writes:(new) 03.03.2017, 10:49 GMT+1
edited 08.03.2017, 07:15 GMT+1

Have just now downloaded the rest.The levels I played were very good!

Schism writes:(new) 10.03.2017, 03:48 GMT+1

Thanks. I'll keep up the work :o)

PS - Did it make you swear? :D

PFL writes:(new) 15.03.2017, 17:12 GMT+1

Okay - Map 4 Sentinel done with Brutal Doom alongside. That's one weird unique cool map you made there. Gameplay is awesome. The most difficult part for me was when I encoutered the bunch of Nazis with low ammo. How difficult my time was to survive there. In fact, I found ammo when everything was done or so. I feel I need some more and I'm tempted by Exorcism ... 'be back.

Schism writes:(new) 16.03.2017, 10:37 GMT+1

Much appreciated PFL. I aim to test the pros and not make it too easy for them.

Exorcism is more gentle than Sentinel but you can still get unstuck. Starting from scratch makes it more challenging due to lack of ammo. You'll need to make every shot count.

I'm currently focussing on Map 10 - Nebulous to give myself a break from Fragholm (which itself was giving me a break from Greyport). I'll get them all done. Just takes more effort to make challenging environments.

Then at some point I need to start on pulling them all together and making intermissions etc. The final PWAD might be 20 levels of large size but will post each level individually for testing so folks don't have to wait too long.

Schism writes:(new) 24.03.2017, 19:46 GMT+1

My First attempt at adding a Title Picture has failed.

When running ZDoom the TITLEPIC's palette is all randomised. The details are correct but the colours are wrong.

I've tried images in bitmap and png format. Both are 8 bit images with 237 unique colours (allowing ZDoom to control the remaining colours for it's own menus).

Will give it another try some other day.

KelWratrifs writes:(new) 20.06.2017, 11:16 GMT+1

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Schism writes:(new) 24.07.2017, 02:10 GMT+1
edited 24.07.2017, 02:11 GMT+1

I got some advice for ya Mancus.

Try Map 02 - Sabotage

All difficulties are the same. If you can manage that easy level then get back to me and maybe I'll find something more challenging for ya. Okay buddy?

Schism writes:(new) 29.07.2017, 04:16 GMT+1

I would imagine spending years posting on a website for a game you hate is infinitely less productive, but whatever floats your boat.

The maps I've made are not too difficult. Not meant to be hardcore at all but have a nasty habit of killing you if you try to do it without saving.

These wads are pure nostalgia for people who have fond memories of old retro games. They are not attempting to compete with modern games. There is no competition. I just find modern games dull and boring. They have all the flashy graphics but no soul.

If your brother can be bothered, aim to kill 100%. That makes it more difficult. Map 2 is designed to trick you. There are parts of the map that are identical to other parts to mislead you. It's a challenge of tactics, dexterity, reasoning and memory.

Personally, I use the game to chill at the end of a day to fill in an hour. I don't claim they'll pave the way to heaven lol. It's just a game.

Schism writes:(new) 30.07.2017, 04:14 GMT+1

Since it is other people's lives then be happy with that. If you choose to fuck up your own life complaining about it that's boo hoo to you ;o)

Nostalgia is just a form of enjoyment. What does it matter how one enjoys oneself? At least I don't make a living sawing people's heads off with a rusty knife. It could be worse.

Even if everyone in the world would sell their granny for the next modern masterpiece doesn't mean I have to. I'm not a sheep.

Who is more of a loser? The loser or the loser who follows the losers? Get over it mate. People like different things.

Schism writes:(new) 30.12.2017, 05:41 GMT+1
edited 16.01.2018, 16:36 GMT+1

Completed Map 09 - Fragholm

R.I.P Dad got fragged by the Cancer Demon.

Schism writes:(new) 16.01.2018, 16:30 GMT+1
edited 16.01.2018, 16:35 GMT+1

Had another go at getting the title picture to display properly. Had tried 8 bit PNG and BMP images before but these caused palette problems.

Tried a 32 bit PNG and JPEG but ZDoom had a fit with both.

ZDoom online wiki says that TGA is supported but WAD Mangle threw an exception when importing any TGA file.

Took a screen grab of original Doom start screen and looked at the palette. This had a 32 bit palette so used WAD Mangle to export the original Doom start screen. This was also 32 bit.

The wiki says that "colors are remapped to their closest match from the game palette".

The problem was that upon reducing the palette to 8 bit (which was no problem because there are only 240 unique colours) the program used allocated colours in a different order.

Checked online for any tools to convert from 32 bit to 8 bit using a custom palette. Couldn't find any. They only use pre-set palettes (like Windows, websafe etc).

So, created a new 8 bit PNG blank image and manually entered in the RGB values for all 256 colours in the palette in the order given online. That's 768 numbers that had to be taken from one window and entered into another then doubled checked.

Then copied and pasted TITLEPIC into this. Luckily program automatically selects each colour in clipboard to relative colour in palette. Otherwise I would have had to do a 3 stage colour swap 256 times, eegh...

Saved as 8 bit PNG. ZDoom still had a fit.
Non-Interlaced and Non-optimized palette - nope.
Non-Interlaced and Optimized palette - nope.
Interlaced and Optimized palette - nope.
Interlaced and Non-optimized palette - nope.

Saved as 8 bit BMP. Nope.
Saved as GIF. Nope.

So, opened up original TITLEPIC export again and pasted in mine. Noticed the resolution is different. I'm using 290 x 240. Original TITLEPIC is 320 x 200.

Resized TITLEPIC to 320 x 200. Nope!

So, exported original Doom TITLEPIC and then imported it into my wad without any change. This should surely work... nope! Tried as PNG and BMP.

If WAD Mangle can't export and import the same unchanged image without breaking the wad then there must be a problem with WAD Mangle, not ZDoom.

Will have to come back to this another day.

Schism writes:(new) 17.01.2018, 16:33 GMT+1
edited 29.01.2018, 04:33 GMT+1

Ok, so the problem was with WAD Mangle after all. Inserted the TITLEPIC using XWE and it works fine.

Here are some attempts at title pictures:
Pic 1
Pic 2
Pic 3
Pic 4

The palette conversion worked best for Pic 4. Just need to improve the title text before release.

Edit: So much for being perma links. They only lasted 2 weeks. Fake as...

Schism writes:(new) 05.03.2018, 04:11 GMT+1

Still working on this. Unable to update the description here because of some bug and there's no way to fix it. I am currently working on Map 18 and going back to finish some of the previous maps.

Map 16 - Paradise Lost (3710kb - finished but need to fix bleeds)
Map 17 - Warped (1158kb - finished)
Map 18 - Lock & Load (109kb - in progress)

Went back and completed Map 11 - Logan's Run (2332kb - finished).

Was only planning on doing 18 maps but it's hard to stop. Might do a 19th map and wrap it up. Map 11 is hard. I managed to complete it (only once) with 34 minutes of gameplay. Set the par to 30 minutes.

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