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Low Memory
by bzzrak
new comments Doom, single player
released, doom(2).exe
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Uh... this *thing* I've been working on lately. Trying to make it as weird as possible. I made the coloured STARTANs myself. :]

grouchbag writes:(new) 16.02.2017, 09:05 GMT+1

Looking good!

bzzrak writes:(new) 15.03.2017, 16:03 GMT+1

Released on the 11th (my birthday btw), I'll post the link here when the quick update to the /idgames version is approved.

Mancubus2isafaggot writes:(new) 08.06.2017, 10:22 GMT+1


Nice wad BTW... wad of shit! LOL

kloki38 writes:(new) 08.06.2017, 18:49 GMT+1

Looks like somebody forgot to take his morning medicine...

bzzrak writes:(new) 16.06.2017, 09:33 GMT+1

^ ^ that's an epic quote, thanks!

Mancubus2isafaggot writes:(new) 19.06.2017, 02:28 GMT+1

^ That's a failed abortion, lol!

Looks like someone forgot to come up with a good comeback.


bzzrak writes:(new) 19.06.2017, 17:42 GMT+1

Watch your words, what will your mommy say if she sees it? You don't wanna eat broccoli for dinner, right?
Also, little known fact, but you've actually made it into my WAD's plot! :]

P.S. Spamming Dramatica links in 2017? Come on man, you can do better. I legit liked your trolling. You're not even trying anymore.

Mancubus2isafaggot writes:(new) 26.06.2017, 01:03 GMT+1

Oh heavens no... me? In a fucking doom wad? Don't you even dare! Ohhh... I'm so scared! Btw, broccoli is pretty good for ya, mum fed me well when I was younger unlike the 30 maccie d's a week you get.

Trolling? You actually think I like this stuff and am seeking attention or something? FFS you people are dumber than I first thought and the fact you actually like being called out for wasting your life is actually heart-breaking to say the least (not like a give a fuck about your life anyway) but don't worry, you'll grow out of this lame fad of a game one day (ASAP preferably).

bzzrak writes:(new) 28.06.2017, 20:01 GMT+1

...and I fed your mum well, too.
What's a maccie d?

Umm yeah you do seem to be seeking attention. I mean, you didn't get any attention from a single female (no, anime doesn't count) during your 35 years of life, so you're trying to compensate for that by trolling mappers on a really small site.
The really worrisome part is that you've mastered the art of trolling during all the years you spent jerking off on E Dramatica and Sailor Moon.

Mancubus2isafaggot writes:(new) 26.07.2017, 17:51 GMT+1

Oh look, another mum joke... ha, very clever. Not.
Maccie D? Don't play dumb, you eat them everyday. They're going out of stock because of you!

You're seeking attention here: "LOL PUTT DIZ GIE IN A WAD AND ITLL BE FUNNI LOLLL XDD!" You're not funny, at all.
I'm not 35 and even if I was, you still haven't gotten any female OR male attention for the past 50 years of your life old fag, turn that life support machine off now, come on.

"Mappers on a really small site" Point proven, you're all worthless. Take this internet hogging PoS down ASAP, get your gay fuck friend boris (johnson) to do it for you.

ED is a pretty comic relief site - you'll need it, you miserable cunt and I've never heard of sailor moon, don't know what shite you've been looking at, loser.

bzzrak writes:(new) 09.08.2017, 01:00 GMT+1

Goddammit, I have to admit, you're good!
I'll miss you when Boris bans your pitiful ass off this site, really. :]

Schism writes:(new) 15.09.2017, 04:54 GMT+1

If his own spleen doesn't throttle his brain first, in a desperate attempt to save the human race.

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