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DAMNED is a gameplay mod created to enhance the definitive experience DOOM in it's raw nature provides. The mod aims to enhance Doom by adding random spawners to the sandbox that allows for an even more addictive arcade adventure. Including the original roster of enemies and weapons, DAMNED adds an addition slew of weapons which complement the originals to slay the opposition with fierce determination.

+New Weapons, with rare counterparts and upgrades
+New alt attacks for existing monsters
+Greater item pickups
+Five armor types, from Shit, Emerald, Sapphire, Topaz and Crimson.
+New powerups, including the Assist Sphere to summon friendly backup
+Same Doom, but with a few new things to focus on gameplay and not extra spice of fluff
+Backpacks have a rare chance of dropping ammo and other goodies.

Compatible with DOOM II, UDOOM and Final Doom IWADS break compatibility but still can be playable. Coop and Deathmatch supported.

DOWNLOAD DAMNED V.09B: https://db.tt/PYuCHwlk Compressed @ 9MB + FIXED M_DOOM and HUD

Creator of ATTRITION, ZEAL, Astral Pathfinder & 3DGE64. I'm still working on these mods so please be patient! Thank you, have fun and don't forget to add feedback for future improvements!

RUNSABER writes:(new) 05.07.2016, 21:19 GMT+1

DOWNLOAD DAMNEDv.09G: https://db.tt/dK7bmNLU

New version available - somewhere inbetween gamma and final release. This fixes and adds a few new things to DAMNED:
-The Hell's Retriever is no longer a quad shotgun. It now is automatic and rotates with a gatling barrel.
-The Hell Knight is capable of spawning a Hell Archon and the Bishop of Hell. They have a small chance of dropping goodies.
-Enemies drop Phase Orbs. Phase Orbs do not always drop, and they have 3 levels of benefits. For balance purposes.
-The Mancubus, Arachnotron, Baron of Hell, Spider Mastermind and Cyberdemon do not spawn variants, but are replaced by their variants entirely. Using spawn states for these monsters break the RTS scripting for MAP07, E1M8, E2M8, E3M8, and E4M8. There is currently not a fix or workaround for this issue.
-Coronas have been fixed: they are now apart of their respecting things entirely and do not suffer from clipping or geometry height.
-The M60 Grenade Launcher has a misspelled frame.
-Enemies have been added to the spawning rotation. Mercenary Girl no longer attacks you after her PAIN states, and her attacks do not inflict damage.

RUNSABER writes:(new) 28.12.2016, 03:41 GMT+1

You're funny :) @Mancubus2isafaggot

RUNSABER writes:(new) 12.01.2018, 16:42 GMT+1

Appreciate your feedback :) I will have more works to post in the near future so feel free to check them out!

ernest21 writes:(new) 07.08.2019, 03:27 GMT+1

This is utterly surprising; why aren't we paying more attention to this thing? sim monsters

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