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The Trinity Chamber
by Jetengine
new comments Heretic, single player
in progress, ZDoom
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Hey WIP, I'm a new mapper and this is my first Heretic map.

When the WAD loads the player is enclosed in a small chamber with a door directly in front of the player. Using the action key the door lifts to reveal a larger dungeon room. Once the player looks around they'll find two other small chambers. Chambers just like the one they woke up in!

When they finally decide to check the other chambers they'll see that there are two hanging corpses. (One in each chamber...) Perhaps they were also warriors here to fight, yet succumbed to evil forces!

There's not much to the map yet. I'd still like to know what anyone thinks.

Mancubus2isafaggot writes:(new) 17.04.2016, 23:38 GMT+1


Hey WIP I like to suck massive dick and strangle elderly men with it because it turns me on.

When the shit loads the penis is enclosed in a small gas chamber with a dick directly in front of the penis. Using the porn key the dick lifts to reveal a larger porn room. Once the penis looks around it'll find two other small dicks. Dildos just like the one they woke up in!

When the finally decide to masturbate to a much better game they'll see that there are two hanging corpses (one for each penis...) Perhaps they were also faggots who wasted their lives on this worthless excuse of a first person shooter, yet succumbed to better games.

There's not much to the dick yet. I'd still like to know what it's like to get laid.

DoomLover234 writes:(new) 09.05.2016, 12:30 GMT+1

ˇˇ Who ever you are, contact a psychiatrist. You need it. If you hate Doom games so much, why bother posting here? Sick sick people...

Mancubus2isafaggot writes:(new) 22.05.2016, 19:12 GMT+1

#Doomfaggot 234(pounds that you weigh probably...)

I think you need a psychiatrist to stop yourself from defending a fucking game from 1993... seriously, grow up.
"If you hate Doom games so much, why bother posting here?"
Simple: Freedom of Speech, the fact that it's true and that I feel that sites like this take up too much space on the internet.

"Sick sick people..."
Again, go see that psychiatrist mate (you'll need 'em more than I do).

DoomLover234 writes:(new) 26.05.2016, 04:31 GMT+1

ALERT! A 10 year old has gone wild on the internet!

Mancubus2isafaggot writes:(new) 26.05.2016, 20:02 GMT+1

Better kick DoomLover234 off the internet then...

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