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Phobos Echoes
by Zemini
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Welcome to my first and only wad campiagn! It has taken me over 300 hours to build. I use custom monsters and some from Realm667. I am still learning how to make levels so don't expect professional quality since I haven't made maps before.

Do NOT use Brutal Doom or any other strange mods as it WILL break balance and monster behaviors. Sorry but I do not have the time to make it work for every mod out there. This should ONLY be used with GZDoom.

New Updates: UV is completed and can actually be beaten. Added a Cast Call at the end. Some minor fixes to monsters placement has been made. Feel free to test this map on Difficulties HMP and UV (beware! The last few levels probably have to many monsters)

PFL writes:(new) 20.04.2016, 11:18 GMT+1

Very good so far. Beginning of the third. We'll be back.

PFL writes:(new) 01.05.2016, 13:36 GMT+1

Done. Excellent work and ultimate fun to play. For the last level, I was out of ammo before the Icon of Sin. Also, in a level where the keyed doors are very small, the doors close too fast behind you after the switch is activated and there is no escape afterward - idclip apart. Last level is rough but fine the way it is. I would also make sure there is enough radiation suit when needed, I found myself very short on those one or two times, maybe it's intended like that too. Love every other part of it. I hope you pursue, it would rock :)

Mancubus2isafaggot writes:(new) 23.05.2016, 20:29 GMT+1

PFL's lying to ya man...

This WAD (along with every other WAD on this site) is a PoS, and deserves to be completely taken off the internet without a trace.
Take my word for it - this site gets about as much traffic as some cunt's blog, maybe even worse. The amount of content on this site which people have wasted their time making is a joke... the fucking Terry WADs are 100X better than most of the shite on here.

Note to Phobos Echos: Go fuck yourself, get a GF and a life you little scumbag.

DoomLover234 writes:(new) 26.05.2016, 04:35 GMT+1
edited 26.05.2016, 04:35 GMT+1

So? There are still some people like PFL, grouchbag and myself who always check in regularly. Yes, Doomworld is much more active. But still.

Again, if you have nothing useful to post, don't. You're just wasting people's time.

Mancubus2isafaggot writes:(new) 26.05.2016, 20:01 GMT+1

PFL is a nobhead who puts up his shitty wads on a dying website...
grouchbag might as well be John Romero's gay ass lover...
and you're pretty much a faggot, so... fuck off?

"Doomworld is much more active" pffft... barely, that failed attempt at a remake "powerslave ex" got more attention than that site - and that flopped like shit!

Also, if I have nothing good to post, I'll post criticism instead.

Zemini writes:(new) 27.05.2016, 21:12 GMT+1

Thanks for the constructive feedback Mancubus! Btw I am married and probably make a lot more money than you do. Maybe you should consider getting a life since all you do is troll.

PFL, I am glad that someone liked it. It was my first wad and I plan too keep updating it once the new Doom addiction wears off. I will also be making snapmap levels once we get some real updates.

Mancubus2isafaggot writes:(new) 28.05.2016, 22:48 GMT+1

Zemini writes:

Thanks for the constructive feedback Mancubus! Btw. I suck at life and pretend to be married even though it's just a rock and even if I was married it would probably be some fat, ugly bitch from the family of whales in the sea. I also lie about how much I make! Saying that it's more than what you make, even though I probably get money off YouTube and it's like 1 penny a month or something (not quite enough to pay my cardboard box bills). Maybe I should get a life since i'm just a stupid cunt.

PFL, I want to suck your cock and ram it up my arse as well, maybe even my whale of a "wife/husband" can join in as well! I'm also playing the new Doom which is a lot worse and is pretty much a clone of this Doom but with nicer graphics!

DoomLover234 writes:(new) 29.05.2016, 12:51 GMT+1

You are actually mental. I sent an e-mail report to boris. Have fun getting banned (and probs being the first one to get banned)

Mancubus2isafaggot writes:(new) 29.05.2016, 13:28 GMT+1

#DoomFaggot 234lbs

I think YOU'RE the mental one here mate. Boris? Never heard of him, goes to show his significance on the entire internet - useless, just like you. First one to be banned? Pretty sure other people have shared a similar opinion to me and gotten the ban hammer as well, all because they're right and you're wrong.

DoomLover234 writes:(new) 29.05.2016, 15:38 GMT+1

Boris is the admin on this site - if you had a brain you'd see his name on the bottom of the page. Go to the nearest psychiatrist and don't waste my time.

@Zemini sorry for shitting in here but you see ↑↑

Mancubus2isafaggot writes:(new) 30.05.2016, 21:47 GMT+1

#DoomFaggot 234tonnes

By "Never heard of him..." I meant as a whole on the internet, of course he's an admin of this shit - no one cares!

Also, I'd like to quote you just to get what I want to say to YOU myself:
"Go to the nearest psychiatrist and don't waste my time."

grouchbag writes:(new) 24.12.2016, 02:13 GMT+1
edited 06.01.2017, 17:49 GMT+1

Thanks DoomLover234!I do enjoy checking here.Good luck and best wishes to you and PFL!This wad is great!!!

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