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Quarry of Despair
by Tolwyn
new comments Doom 2, single player
in progress, ZDoom
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(Story not started)
(Finally edited the mis-spelling ... twice ... OH MY GOD!)

In my 4th map installment I had a few goals for myself.

1. Write new music
2. Use new textures

I'm making the move from Doomsday to PRBOOM-PLUS (I assume ZDoom will work too). This map is centered around the ability to play in OpenGL mode only. It WILL work (should work) in software mode, but it's not supported in that way.

I've just started and am throwing ideas around as after several years, you have to remember what you've forgotten.

I like PRBOOM-PLUS mainly for its OpenGL support, demo support, MUSINFO support, hi-res texture support (Doomsday gets a bit complicated in this regard), etc.

grouchbag writes:(new) 08.03.2016, 10:41 GMT+1

I like the looks of this.Best of luck!

Mancubus2isafaggot writes:(new) 23.05.2016, 20:21 GMT+1

I like the looks of you if you were quitting making shit for a wanky arse game. Best of luck to that!

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