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by Kalt_is_my_name
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in progress, doom(2).exe
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[playable on any modern (limit-removing) engine]

This .wad is focused on secrets and slowly unfolding traps that won't catch you unaware but will force you to rethink your environment and keep moving forward.

I've playtested this one a lot by myself and I'm really interested to see if I did a good job at hinting where danger will come from, and making secrets that are difficult but don't involve pixel-hunting. Specifically I want to know if my red key/BFG secret is too obvious.

current state of the map: the left pathway from the courtyard to the yellow key switch is finished, but the courtyard itself is only half done, and I haven't made the other path to the switch. Also I've only done detail and lighting for a few areas.

Feedback is welcome since this is my first map I'm releasing, and I've worked on it for around a month. If anyone can upload demos, I'd love to see them!

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