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Revclipse: Eclipse Revisited
by Deadwing
new comments Doom 2, single player
in progress, Boom
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Eclipse was my first major mapset that I released on public. It hasn't got many great reviews (http://www.doomworld.com/idgames/le...ts/d-f/eclpseii), but I still love it even today. I tried to play it these days, and while the square visuals still has some charm (at least for me lol), the gameplay aged quite badly: Most levels are overpopulated, dragging the experience with weak setpieces (where the player can overcome the threat staying behind cover) and progression was mostly too linear.

So I decided mess with some of these levels (the first six) and see what results I would get, which I named Eclipse Revisited.


-> Boom compatible levels, instead of zdoom.
-> Classic gameplay, action focused mapset.
-> Focus on more interesting enemy placements, reducing the monster overpopulation from the original Eclipse while increasing the overall challenge.
-> Improve pacing: I've removed some doors, changed key/locked doors layouts and some sections were added/changed to make navigation more interesting.
-> Linearity reduced a bit (some levels won't be much possible, though).
-> Retained overall visual style.
-> These will probably take ~40 minutes to finish episode 2 (5 levels. whole set would take around 01:20)

I'd love some demos to see how people react to some sections :D

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