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a Morte
by The Architect
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in progress, ZDoom
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Extensive MOD for Hexen.

A group of nosferati vampires set up in a berlin church. Its 1945 and things are heating up so they're looking for a realm to evacuate to and set up fresh. Unfortunately for them they happen upon an arachnid infested mausoleum, where a hero awakens...

New Features Include:

New Enemies:
4 types of spider, nosferati vampires (realm667 - modified to also carry MP-40s), German Soldiers with MP-40s, Fully functional Panzer III and T-34 Tanks with independent turrets, Crocodiles, giant crocs, MG-42 Gunners, Female NKVD Agents, and a few others

New Weapons:
Revolver, Mp-40 (realm667), MG-42(powerslave/realm667), Panzerfaust, Apotheosis(realm667), Winchester.

New Features / Effects:
Swimmable deep water / deep sewage / deep lava
Custom sound effects for each map
Occasional voice acting for bosses and the hero
Falling ash, Steam, Large Fires
Custom Levers
Custom Textures
Destroyable walls

First hub is pretty much complete (5 maps in total), and the second hub is in the later stages of completion.

Still lots of work to do!

More information and discussion here:

Current maps:

MAP01 Mausoleum - First hub. Tomb complex full of spiders
MAP02 Berlin Church - Church full of Nosferati. Leads to Berlin
MAP03 Fetid Caverns - Dark cave system
MAP04 Battle of Berlin - Huge tank battle
MAP05 Sewer Complex - Sewer map full of crocodiles
MAP06 Molten Hope - Lava map with erupting volcano in the background (can only be accessed by 'visit06' cheat - WIP map) Volcano was made with sloped floors and tiny tree actors to make it look huge. It exists in a dummy sector with a skybox viewer. The volcano skybox is complete with flowing magma and clouds of smoke!
MAP07 - Chernogorsk. Second hub. Full of cultists. Some Caleb snipers in the surrounding areas. Connects to maps 6,8 and 9
MAP08 - Triptych Crypt. Claustrophobic crypt complex all in 3's and with many puzzles and crushers. Includes a nosferati area and connects to map 10
MAP09 - Westwood. Quaint western town, where things go horribly wrong.
MAP10 - Country House. Nosferati country house out of harms way in continental Europe. Lavish mansion with many nosferati
MAP 11: Blinskaya Exclusion Zone - Marshes full of radioactive tailings. Some bandits, and a group of "friendly" mercs
MAP 12: Southern Outpost - Outpost with a huge portal to WW2 Czechoslovakia, originally operated by nosferati, but overrun by soviet and NKDV forces
MAP 13: Enrichment Plant - Factory with many large buildings, some new enemies I wont spoil too much, and plenty of radiation.
MAP 14: Abandoned Uranium mine. Spooky as fuck, you will probably die here.

DoomLover234 writes:(new) 04.01.2016, 11:44 GMT+1

Looks nice!

MrFroz writes:(new) 10.01.2016, 13:21 GMT+1

The story sounds fun, I'm not much of a judge for Hexen levels but if I were to make one for it I'd like it to look like what you've shown us so far. I wonder if you will use the "I live again" Blood sound bite for when the hero awakens.

The Architect writes:(new) 26.04.2016, 08:41 GMT+1
edited 12.06.2016, 23:52 GMT+1

This has been released! Download is here:


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