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This Corrosion
by AnonimVio
new comments Doom 2, single player
in progress, Limit removing
screenshot #1screenshot #2screenshot #3


Project has been cancelled due to lack of interest/time/talent.

grouchbag writes:(new) 21.12.2015, 00:57 GMT+1

Sorry to hear that.

MrFroz writes:(new) 10.01.2016, 19:07 GMT+1

Lack of talent doesn't seem to be a factor behind this cancellation. By what you shown us, you seem to be more skilled with the editor than what you probably think you are. Screenshots #2 and #3 show varied and creative texture use and all three screenshots show decent spacing sense and varying ceiling heights, the later of which is a pain for me even though I'm quite experienced and sometimes my levels end up looking rather Wolfenstein 3D-ish. That's not the case here, though.

Screenshot #1 looks a bit like what we've seen in the first two Doom episodes, which doesn't quite gel with the other screenshots, and screenshot #3 has some dull lightning, but seeing these are (were?) in progress there's so much I can nitpick. Hope this feedback be of use for you if you decide to come back.

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