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Astral Pathfinder Episode 1: Ghost Frigate BETA
Doom 2, single player
released, EDGE
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“This ancient fleet though left abandoned by a battalion long ago, still echoes with the ghosts & spirits of those who mightly defended the rusted steel complex. And strangely.. it’s set for an automatic course for the nearest planet. How a frigate’s course is commanded after years of defunction, is unbeknowst to you.. Ride it out.. and solve this mystery.”

Astral Pathfinder requires 3DGE2.0+ although untested in previous releases. There are a few hiccups, such as no invisible boundaries near bridges, so if you fall, you are welcome to NOCLIP. Will be fixed in RC2. You may experience framerate lag. This was created to show mappers & modders what this engine can do on a minor scale. No crouching/jumping enabled. Takes around 10 minutes to complete - difficulties are not yet implemented so play with caution. Secrets are not far from their triggers; humpers will be rewarded. Please comment what you favor, hate, despise, and love - Episode 1 will be bundled with Episode 2 along with cosmetic changes, slight additions and varied gameplay.

Download: http://mbx.cm/t/7HCXa
Read more via: http://dreardev.wordpress.com

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