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Dark Recollections (for Heretic!)
by DeathevokatioN
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The aim of Dark Recollections is to design hopefully an episode's worth of levels for Heretic that capture the original mystical and grim fantasy atmosphere that made the game so great and we'll stick to using stock Raven textures, but also with a modern and more chaotic flair and with increased difficulty. etc

This actually started out as an over ambitious solo project in 2009 under the name "Morbid Flesh" with the aim to design a 32 level megawad, but I ended up getting caught up in designing a megawad for Doom 2 and put this to one side... after a lot of DooM mapping I decided to start to work on this again as a side project but under a new name; DARK RECOLLECTIONS!!

I also decided to select some mappers who've already released quality Heretic maps for a little variety so that my style doesn't become too much of a drag, but mostly because I'm also a big fan of their work. :P

Map list so far:

E1M1 - "City of Screaming Statues" by DeathevokatioN
E1M2 - "Where Serpents ever Dwell" by DeathevokatioN
E1M3 - "Woeful Specters" by Egregor
E1M4 - "???" by Cacowad
E1M5 - "???" by Vordakk
E1M6 - "Abhorrence" by DeathevokatioN

When these 6 maps are complete I'll release a demo, which will hopefully be soon(ish).

PFL writes:(new) 31.03.2015, 12:14 GMT+1

Excellent, really. Can't wait. What's the name of your Doom2 Megawad already ? I want to compete this if I didn't already :)

DeathevokatioN writes:(new) 05.07.2015, 15:18 GMT+1

Hey, thanks for the comment! :)

The DooM2 mapset is called Revelations of Doom, it's still unreleased, hopefully sometime between now and 2017, hehe.

Cheers, Adrian

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