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by Darkdackel
new comments Doom 2, single player
in progress, ZDoom
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Well, this is my very first WAD/Map.
I've used Doom Builder 2, Slade and XWE.

It's the first map - and a WIP.
Eventually I'll expand it to a Megawad - and add some music of my own in the future.

Ryuk writes:(new) 03.03.2015, 20:09 GMT+1

I check your level on UV. I passed on the first try. Nice texture idea. Good job. Easy level with minimum surprises. Now you can work for more complex architecture structure, and for more complex logical game play. Ammo was very good placed I think (and not to mutch). Nice placed Chaingunners - long range distance. I think secrets are very good. I find 1/5. May be I need to look more carefuly, or they are difficult. I will play againe for searching them. Thank you for the level!

PFL writes:(new) 04.03.2015, 05:40 GMT+1


As mentioned by Ryuk, nice texturing ideas. Some of them blend well together while others ... well, a little less. You also have some alignment to work on, with time.

The gameplay was great for some time, then I began to experiment a lot of HOM's and ceilings closing down and locking the path as well. Could not progress anymore. I'm using the latest GZDoom build so ... well, something to check back.

I'll try it again when it's done :)

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