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Octagon Entrails
by Fluo_protein
new comments Doom 2, single player
in progress, ZDoom
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This is no ordinary day passed playing cards and annoying the smart dudes working at the Octagon Sector. That doesn't sound like the friendly chatter of the people at the loading lift.

I wanted to create a claustrophobic, dimly lit, military base science lab. I added some meaty presence taking over the rooms.

Structure and gameplay: I initially wanted this to be a series of increasingly difficult fights (nothing crazy, just the regular doom stuff), with one of those good old massacres in a huge final area. I'm being generous with both weapons and supplies, so I'm making sure that you'll get something to test your new found toys on right away. There will be a bunch of neat secrets. Some are dead giveaways, some are somewhat hidden, but never impossible to find.
The whole thing is quite linear(for now): walk through a lot of rooms and kill, kill, kill. Grew bored with this concept after testing it a few times, so I'm adding branching paths and a lot of teleport ambushes (still figuring out the best ways to do this); nothing particularly unfair, the player always has the upper hand, yet it is possible to die.

This is my first attempt at mapping, and I've been building this as I learned new stuff (using vanilla Doom 2 as resource on Doom Builder 2). I'm having a lot of fun, and I can't wait to get better at using db2.

PFL writes:(new) 10.02.2015, 02:35 GMT+1

Another strong "noob" :) It feels nice. I already see the secret in the third screen :) Will tell you more when I try it. Don't stop.

DoomLover234 writes:(new) 11.02.2015, 20:51 GMT+1

This is one of the best map designs I saw! And trust me, I saw at least a 100.

Keep it up!

Fluo_protein writes:(new) 12.02.2015, 03:24 GMT+1
edited 13.02.2015, 16:55 GMT+1

Thank you! I updated the screenshots to show the section I'm working on right now (Access to the surface, I also updated the description).

Fluo_protein writes:(new) 14.02.2015, 03:37 GMT+1
edited 14.02.2015, 03:38 GMT+1

Tonight I finished decorating and populating the first part of the map and I'm quite happy with it! The lightning is a bit off in some parts but I'll fix that once the final structure is dealt with.

I've decided to share the unfinished wad, hoping to get some opinions from people with more experience. At some point you'll find some red marked bars that will prevent progress. Luckily, there will be a comfy corridor to your left. At some point you'll find a switch behind a door. That's the temporary exit.

You can also IDCLIP through the red bars to check the big area hidden behind them if you're feeling adventurous. Everything beyond that is heavily work in progress!

You can get it here: https://www.mediafire.com/?48bbq2y1k3a183u

Be careful out there!

PFL writes:(new) 15.02.2015, 07:37 GMT+1
edited 15.02.2015, 07:39 GMT+1

Hey, that really plays well on UV. It was about time I kill that Baron & the Demons as I was really back against the starting point. Then it was "easy". I didn't die and lost very few health points. First secret found at first. Like how it opens up the other side. That pistol battle agaisnt the 2 chaingunners was fine. You have understood Doom. Gameplay is just perfect already. The place is nice and free from any bugs/glitches that I could find so far. I was able to get and move on top of two of the 6 identical "computers" section from a fast walk over the switch. It could be a great spot to put something worthy.

Your work is great. You have the skill to achieve great maps. Will be there for the next round :).

DoomLover234 writes:(new) 15.02.2015, 08:52 GMT+1

I love your style. The map itself is very straightforward. I love your traps and your detailing skills.
I can't wait to see the full version - I'll be 2nd to play it (after PFL xD)

DoOm_xx writes:(new) 27.02.2015, 14:04 GMT+1

Straightforward, but it was a pretty interesting map to play, keep up the good work!

Fluo_protein writes:(new) 02.03.2015, 09:22 GMT+1

Thank you all for testing it and giving me some valuable feedback! After taking a small break, I just started making further progress. I'll update the description with some new screens soon.

DOOMman writes:(new) 05.03.2015, 18:45 GMT+1

We wait this :)

KelWratrifs writes:(new) 18.06.2017, 10:32 GMT+1

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