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A Party Downstairs [working title: Basement Dwellers]
by JudgeDeadd
new comments Doom 2, single player
released, Boom
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Set in an old basement level below an UAC facility, currently experiencing a demon invasion. Clean out the place, but beware, the enemy has a lot of tricks up his sleeve.

Now released!

PFL writes:(new) 09.02.2015, 03:00 GMT+1

Description is as strong as the screenies. Like it a lot. Want to experience this invasion so you must put a link here whenever ready :)

Fluo_protein writes:(new) 09.02.2015, 20:58 GMT+1

Pretty cool atmosphere man. Definitely looking to play this one.

DoomLover234 writes:(new) 11.02.2015, 20:52 GMT+1

I'm loving it tho I only see 3 screenshots.

Ryuk writes:(new) 05.03.2015, 18:17 GMT+1

Yes... looks very good. I wait this. Wish you successful work JudgeDeadd.

DOOMman writes:(new) 13.03.2015, 23:27 GMT+1
edited 14.03.2015, 17:27 GMT+1

Congrat's that you make it. I play on UV and reach the exit for 3 hours. I die 12 times and make 7 load game. There has a lot work for structure and texture combination and you did good. Also the light effects are impressive. The traps are strong like you said in description. I think the level is harder in the middle part. The final battle was very easy. I kill all monsters in the level. Secrets are very hard... I found 0 :) even after I check 99% of the walls in the level... may be are in the last 1% :D or I may start shooting everyware. You have very good ideas and you think about what the player will think when play... I like this and your style. Has one missing texture between the door and the lift when you enter in big room with soulsphere in the middle. 9/10

PFL writes:(new) 15.03.2015, 03:41 GMT+1
edited 15.03.2015, 03:45 GMT+1

So good indeed. It's done nicely with talent & experience. I found the powerups secret only. I loved the 4 raising walls room. Very good ideas in the level. Too many health packs& ammo for my skills on UV though I was surprised to death 2 times. I would lower it down a bit, more for the ammo as you get 2 punch pack later in the game. I ended up with 50 rockets and everything else full; too much.

I got fucked up while getting back from the empty room, then in the corridor ... bam, stuck in the middle with my fist :(((

EDIT. I also got killed by the chaingunner facing the archvile; after cleaning up the place, I came close to punch the Archvile ... without looking behind me ... a matter of seconds ...

Very good. We need a MEGAWAD :)

RUNSABER writes:(new) 18.03.2015, 00:15 GMT+1

Very good presentation so far, the monster placement has been very fun and engaging. I wasn't expecting a squad of Arachnotrons to join the party. The Archviles were fun as well, one eventually was so frustrated with it's souls that it turned on him and tried to burn him. SSG to the back for you, sir. The ideas you implemented were also amazing! I was desperate for cover with the Archvile and those situations put me on edge.

Port I used was 3DGE. There does seem to be a little space you can get stuck in between the lift and the floor in between the floor lamps at the top of it. Not sure if it's my port or that gap is really spaced out. Keep it up!

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edited 05.08.2019, 12:01 GMT+1


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