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Apocalypso (niceee, fixed it)
by DoomLover234
new comments Doom, single player
in progress, ZDoom
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(story by Empirestatebuild)

It is the year 2667th. Year after the great apocalypse. Not many people left, and the ones who did, don't stick together much. In the system Galactica, 17 out of 18 planets have been conquered by the zombie race. There is 50% more of them every year on every planet. Since they started breeding back in 2600th total increase of them was 255 billion. Still increasing. While on the last planet where humans live, planet Sarmatia, people are living in bases, controlling their numbers.

After your first encounter with them in your base, you decide to go and kill them all.

Just starting from the beginning, as you know, my WAD broke. But I'll keep a map... just won't reveal it!

This is the only one that I'll really finish (hope so)

Estimated release date: I DON'T KNOW BUT DON'T EXPECT IT BEFORE SEPTEMBER (i have THAT much job)

grouchbag writes:(new) 25.12.2014, 03:44 GMT+1

Looks very nice sofar.Good luck on it.

PFL writes:(new) 25.12.2014, 04:47 GMT+1

255 billion !!! Good luck. My computer stops behaving kindly somewhere after a 10 000 count or so :))

Looking very nice. I like the triangle twist in the third.

DoomLover234 writes:(new) 25.12.2014, 08:29 GMT+1

Visual vertices can do wonders!

DoomLover234 writes:(new) 25.12.2014, 11:22 GMT+1

Get your hands on the download!


PFL writes:(new) 25.12.2014, 23:31 GMT+1
edited 25.12.2014, 23:32 GMT+1

very short but well done. Monsterly speaking, you can crank it up a notch if you want :)

It was very easy since I am currently playing Going Down on UV right now.

DoomLover234 writes:(new) 26.12.2014, 06:01 GMT+1
edited 26.12.2014, 12:21 GMT+1

Its the MAP01 so I made it more like an intro. The next map is going to be much harder and bigger.

Btw. Did you find the secret?

EDIT: Sorry, I forgot to tag it (hint: open the opened door)

PFL writes:(new) 27.12.2014, 19:14 GMT+1

Found it and yeah, it's not tagged yet. May be a bit hard to find for an entry map. there are no hint either.

DoomLover234 writes:(new) 27.12.2014, 19:22 GMT+1

Well, every door must be opened :) So need the opened ones.

PFL writes:(new) 28.12.2014, 04:49 GMT+1

It doesn't look much like an opened door and it doesn't feel either as it needs a pressing of the use button like that in the void. I've never seen this in 21 years of Doom. My guess is that out of 10, 9 won't find it, which is pretty damn hard for an entry map's secret.

DoomLover234 writes:(new) 28.12.2014, 05:49 GMT+1

Okay I will put an arrow indicating it (but only a little but lighter).

PFL writes:(new) 28.12.2014, 08:58 GMT+1
edited 28.12.2014, 09:02 GMT+1

Your arrow may tend to indicate a direction more than an invisible switch. Invisible switches are never too fun :)

I'd go on with an opening/closing secret activated while crossing that opened section where a tiny little noise would be the hint that something is going on nearby.

You could keep this hard secret for a further tougher map if you wish to keep it.

Up to you.

DoomLover234 writes:(new) 28.12.2014, 10:48 GMT+1

Timed walk-over linedef in the red key hallway? Sounds OK, it is close to the starting room so the noise can be heard.

Maybe I'll add another secret, and when you trigger it, it opens the back of the monster closet in the blue room, so you can grab the loot from the enemies. It would be connected to the other outside area.

Thanks for the advice, I'll implement it.

PFL writes:(new) 29.12.2014, 21:28 GMT+1


DoomLover234 writes:(new) 06.01.2015, 18:55 GMT+1

I am still waiting for the admin to approve, then I'll change the text.

Jerry writes:(new) 26.01.2015, 21:02 GMT+1

Nice Wad! Awesome Light effects :D

Fluo_protein writes:(new) 12.02.2015, 16:03 GMT+1

Loving your style and the introduction is pretty awesome! Will try what you have uploaded asap and report back!

DoomLover234 writes:(new) 13.02.2015, 10:32 GMT+1

First new giant update!!!

Added a new secret on MAP01 and changed the other to be easier to reveal.
MAP02 is done 50%. I'm having troubles with my GZDoom builder doing staircases so I may not implement one.

DoomLover234 writes:(new) 06.03.2015, 11:54 GMT+1

Second giant update!

MAP02 erased. New MAP02 started. Trust me, this one is billion times better and takes advantage of the GZDoom Builder. For now, there are no monsters in it.

Been composing tracks lately, but I can tell you that the RBY Champion Theme will play in MAP30, and the secret maps will be Pokemon based.

MAP02 progress: 5%

PFL writes:(new) 07.03.2015, 03:41 GMT+1


DoomLover234 writes:(new) 18.04.2015, 09:20 GMT+1

It's broken, unfortunately.

I made one map UDMF and another Doom, and now they crsh and collide and whatnot and whatyes.

Sorry guys. I will bring the MAP01 to my next wad tho.

DoomLover234 writes:(new) 19.05.2015, 05:23 GMT+1

Okay, I think I fixed the bug. And MAP01 is unfortunately gone forever. Meh, what can you do?

I'll try to bring MAP01 back but larger, longer and better and probably as MAP04. Also the new MAP02 stays as MAP02.

Sorry for this letdown. But the maps are getting done!

Changed name from Apoclyps.wad to Apclypso.wad because I wanted to

ernest21 writes:(new) 07.08.2019, 03:27 GMT+1

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