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Your Special Gift
by AnonimVio
new comments Doom 2, single player
released, Limit removing
screenshot #1screenshot #2screenshot #3


Short, winter themed WAD. CC4 texture pack included.
MAP01-Village 100%
MAP02-Ice Caves 100%
MAP03-Scrooge's Factory 100%
MAP04-Hot Rocks 100%
Play time: 25 min
Known issues: Cyberdemon not teleporting on MAP04

PFL writes:(new) 16.12.2014, 19:17 GMT+1
edited 16.12.2014, 19:17 GMT+1

I like the planned released date :))

Will be here for a try. Also, very nice dark feel. I feel the first shot is part of the 20% done Village ? Well, you need cable :))

Don't quit. Let us try it if available.

EDIT. Doesn't quite look like winter so far :)))

DoomLover234 writes:(new) 23.12.2014, 18:41 GMT+1

Christmas in Hell????

Well, I like the screenshots. The first one looks almost like a real house, and the other too have a really nice tone in them.

I look forward to this.

PFL writes:(new) 25.12.2014, 04:40 GMT+1
edited 25.12.2014, 04:41 GMT+1

Almost :)))

I think it's the text in the ceiling that makes it less credible :))

I have no life so here I am waiting for the 2014 25th of december release ... Heh ? still the 24th ???

Yeah, GMT -5

AnonimVio writes:(new) 26.12.2014, 12:43 GMT+1

Still waiting for approval. If you want to get this faster here is the link: http://www.mediafire.com/download/9jg7g8fpjy34v5o/yoursp.wad

PFL writes:(new) 27.12.2014, 20:04 GMT+1

:))) Merry Christmas indeed

Like how it progresses into a final tough monster mayhem.

You need a health pack somewhere near the blue key Archvile to let the player reach it and get back. I feel somewhere in the lava for that purpose only. I had 8 left and couldn't progress.

Also have a problem circling the yellow key and getting stuck there, left side when beginning to climb.

So it was very good.

DOOMman writes:(new) 05.03.2015, 22:00 GMT+1

Very good levels AnonimVio. I like it with some very hard traps. I die 20-30 times. Nice secrets to (I found all). First level is ok with arhitecture and rest levels need some more work. I like your hard style about the medicine :) always need HP. Good work. Arhitecture 3/10, texture 5/10, difficulty 7/10, secrets 9/10, traps 10/10, monsters position 10/10, items/weapons positions 9/10.

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