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Re-iteration of Depot: The Abandoned UAC Base
by AlasterDoom
new comments Doom 2, single player
in progress, ZDoom
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I am re-doing an abandoned Doom 2 map by ShadowedCrow. This map looked awesome and I didn't want it to go to waste. This is very early build, but I will build it room by room. Each room will get a weeks worth of work and I will post the progress. I have received a go from ShadowedCrow to allow me to make this map. Description is below :).

This depot was once your home base for many, many years. You were practically raised in this place. These walls guaranteed protection through -out your life. You joined the resistance against the demon horde and left home for 4 years. Upon coming back, your base had been abandoned and stripped of everything! Life, memories, and a place to call home. Everything is gone, nothing left to hold on to, but revenge. Using what you learned fighting against the demon hordes, you muster up what energy you have left and release the rage that boils inside you. It is time to cleanse this place of evil.

PFL writes:(new) 01.12.2014, 06:20 GMT+1

Ceiling and walls make it different and very nice.

AlasterDoom writes:(new) 01.12.2014, 07:10 GMT+1

Thank you PFL. This is going to be a big wide open map with lots of attention towards the ceilings, just like the original creator intended. I'm going to keep updating the screenshots as I make changes to keep viewers interested. Each room will be about the same size as the other, which is pretty big and nicely detailed. So stay tuned! :)

PFL writes:(new) 02.12.2014, 12:57 GMT+1

I will :)

AlasterDoom writes:(new) 03.12.2014, 07:15 GMT+1
edited 05.12.2014, 01:56 GMT+1

Change log 12/3/14 1:10 am: Re-designed the first section of the "non key" area. The original design was sloppy and too noisy both graphically and structurally. This new design flows nicely and keeps a solid theme for this section.

Important note: Each area, "blue section","red section","yellow section", and "non-key section" will have their own theme and each will be harder than the previous section. These will be the tags until I can think of appropriate names for each section. Thanks for following and tuning in :).

PFL writes:(new) 04.12.2014, 22:52 GMT+1

Very very nice but maybe a tiny bit too blue when looking at the floor and walls.

AlasterDoom writes:(new) 05.12.2014, 01:59 GMT+1

Thanks PFL :). Yeah I still have to play with the floor textures to find the right look and feel. The blue floors are just a place holder for now.

AlasterDoom writes:(new) 05.12.2014, 06:31 GMT+1

I found a floor texture that brings it all together. It turned out really nice. :). I just uploaded them, they should be up shortly.

PFL writes:(new) 05.12.2014, 23:02 GMT+1

Now you're talking

Fluo_protein writes:(new) 10.02.2015, 12:41 GMT+1

Wow, that sure looks impressive. The lightning is really cool.

AlasterDoom writes:(new) 20.02.2015, 21:42 GMT+1

Thanks Fluo_Protein :)

Ryuk writes:(new) 05.03.2015, 18:11 GMT+1
edited 05.03.2015, 18:27 GMT+1

I wait your level. I want to see the game play - difficult and the way that the player must think. This are the first important things. Third place is the visual disign. I wish you the best ideas :) and good work... hope to play this one soon. I will start my own level, but for now I just think about that, becouse I had 15+ for doom and doom2 levels in the past (with deu editor), and I was big "lucky" when lost all data becouse a PC virus. And now 10 years later with perfect editors, and on zdoom I want to make another... will be my last level I think, but very big, hard, beauty, long, with 3D floors/slopes, and great new ideas that I never seen in other wads, and including my all ideas in my mind for last 10 years :) . Soon I will start with one little level, just for practice, and let you guys to see my stile. I will shange my nick Ryuk with my real 15 years old nick DOOMman.

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