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The Ultimate Decision *Working title?*
by Usagi1
Doom, single player
in progress, doom(2).exe
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So um... dunno what happened with the last wad update but it never came >:(

Got a theme/story set up. Now mainly just working on the level design. Trying to have it make sense :P


I originally made a wad with the same name about two years ago, but the data for it here got wiped as well as the latest wad data on my laptop... >:(

It was posted for a while on Realm667


I've been working on a newer version of the wad, definitely trying to stay with the atmospheric/winter theme though. Wanna try and push GZDooM without taking away that old school doom feel. Wonder how that'll work hehe.

As usual there will be new features such as weapons, sprites, textures, music, sounds, hud... The whole package.

And again as usual it will be a one man project, so this will take a while.

UPDATE! Just looked through one of my old HDD's and found data of the old Recon Obsolete. Not gonna continue working on that but i'm thinking of making a video showing what it looked like.

Thanks for your interest people! :)

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