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Secretdoom: The Green Machine
by Cyberdemon531
new comments Plutonia, single player
in progress, ZDoom
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Your mission is simple. You have to find and activate The Green Machine in the Congo sector. The only issue is, this area has been completely overrun by demons. Your only way in is to locate portals that transport you throughout the facilities until you find your way there. You have no backup, and no way out. If you fail, the war will be lost.

Secretdoom: The Green Machine is the second installment in the Secretdoom episodic series. There will be 10 maps in the episode, excluding a few secret levels, and a revamped survival mode that changes up all the main levels into an endless horde mode.

PFL writes:(new) 24.08.2014, 07:55 GMT+1

Total nice. I wait in line.

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