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TGRDM3 [Morgenstern]
by Tiger
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Morgenstern is a project that focuses on the Deathmatch game mode while utilizing GZDoom's OpenGL specific features, such as lighting, 3D sloped floors, and rendering optimizations. This project tries to reimagine the Deathmatch scene in Doom by importing some of the ideas from Quake 3 Arena, such as weapons that the players use and how the maps are structured. In addition, this project contains maps of various sizes. To elaborate further, some maps can fit eight players nicely while others requires a larger audience of at least sixteen players. Though, there does exist some maps that are designed for two players or four players.

This project has been released, enjoy!

The Architect writes:(new) 03.04.2016, 21:37 GMT+1

Looks great, awesome lighting and atmosphere!

franckFRAG writes:(new) 16.04.2016, 14:43 GMT+1

+1 Impressive architecture !

Mancubus2isafaggot writes:(new) 17.04.2016, 23:26 GMT+1


pming writes:(new) 25.11.2016, 12:38 GMT+1


www.onlyfaggotsplaydoom.com ? Really? Hmmm....in that case... will you be my boyfriend?


grouchbag writes:(new) 06.01.2017, 17:55 GMT+1


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