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DaNoob CTF
by theoriginalmres
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I have been wanting to map for the Doom Games for 4+ years and just about a week ago decided to start actually doing it.

This is my first Release of anything mapped for any of the games so it might not be the best bt so be it.

I am the only one working on this project so it may take a while to get all of the maps done (I am hoping for atleast 15 if not more) and the will most likely all be vanilla, except for custom screens or music, but may contain a few custom textures with the projects name or a "made by me" texture.

I am trying to give the maps more of an "arena" feel with plenty of room to run or hide from fire.

In case you dont know already the map(s) are for CTF in ZDaemon, and quite possibly Skulltag

PFL writes:(new) 10.06.2014, 00:26 GMT+1

"Red flag taken"

CTF's are uncommon (at least here). Despite the minimalism shown at this point, it could reveal a cool gameplay. Keep the flag floating still ...

theoriginalmres writes:(new) 10.06.2014, 19:29 GMT+1

Thanks, I hope that the maps get a little more complex as I go on but then again I am not trying to make the best CTF wad out there I'm just doing this for fun really.

theoriginalmres writes:(new) 10.06.2014, 21:46 GMT+1
edited 10.06.2014, 21:48 GMT+1

Sorry the comment added itself twice so this is just a wasted area, but if someone could delete it this comment that would be nice

PFL writes:(new) 11.06.2014, 02:46 GMT+1

Don't expect that to happen; nobody works here anymore :)))))

theoriginalmres writes:(new) 16.06.2014, 11:53 GMT+1
edited 16.06.2014, 11:53 GMT+1

Well I'm about done with map dos hopefully it will be done in a day or 2

And I could tell lol

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