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Thy PrBoom Maps.
by mrthejoshmon
new comments Doom 2, single player
in progress, Boom
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Thy PrBoom Maps is a currently under construction 32 map megawad for Doom 2 designed and created by only one person, that person is me.

As of now, 15 out of the 32 maps to be created are finished and have all been tested and edited based on feedback received, there is a recent compilation of 14 of the 15 completed maps and it includes intermission graphics, DeHacked code (for level names) and an assortment of different MIDI tracks for each level.

The goal behind the map was to create individual maps that were to be put together in the order they were made (and a noticeable climb in difficulty and quality is a result of this), there isn't much of a coherent story just yet but I am working on it.

Get the latest revision of the megawad here: http://www.mediafire.com/download/6a6ika3t17sdwnu/TPBM.wad

PFL writes:(new) 28.04.2014, 03:16 GMT+1

Excellent looking wad. I'm gonna slip in there shortly ...

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