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Night Crawler
by ledillman
new comments Doom 2, single player
in progress, Limit removing
screenshot #1screenshot #2screenshot #3


Night Crawler is a Doom 2 map that is participating in a map tournament in a hispanic doom forum, you start in a house in the middle of the sea, go to the small rocky and grass zone and find a doomed base and go to the mines to go to hell and stop this madness!
In-progress project, i'm not allowed to upload this yet, i'll do it when the map tournament ends (July) the 3 screenshots are work in progress, but i'll try to speed up the work.

PFL writes:(new) 27.03.2014, 00:50 GMT+1

Excellent; nicely detailed. Will play it for sure.

ledillman writes:(new) 29.03.2014, 01:15 GMT+1

Hey thanks, btw this place seems to be dead, even more than before! lol, there is no other place like this where you can post wip wads, right? so why people is not here anymore?

PFL writes:(new) 29.03.2014, 05:22 GMT+1
edited 29.03.2014, 05:24 GMT+1

There has been a 5+ years of lost data in the end of 2012 (scroll to the next pages, precisely, page 4 at this very moment) . It's been lost progressively and it took long before anyone could post something that would remain in place. From that period, everyone left ... or so.

ledillman writes:(new) 29.03.2014, 16:07 GMT+1

Yeah, i remember that, seems stable now.

Btw you don't have any project you want to post here?

PFL writes:(new) 30.03.2014, 05:32 GMT+1

My only work with Doom was as co-leader in The Monochrome Mapping Project, 24 pistol start maps experimenting with a monochromatic visual. A fun artistic maspet. Kind of trippy. Progressive ... I won't be promoting this here since I might be the only one commenting it :))))))))))

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