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Grasp of Fresh Air
by worrior
Plutonia, single player
in progress, Limit removing
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Graps of fresh air

My first big-time adventure with Doom mapping. The idea behind GOFA is to build
1) a DN3D E1-style maps using IWAD textures only
2) prove that (Final) Doom's resources and its limit removing engine capabilities can be used to build a really wide variety of environments, not techbases/hell/medieval only.

Of course, I had to take some liberties (for example, I combined few Doom skyboxes and edited it a bit to suit the purpose, replaced some sprites) but nothing really all that fancy. As a result, this WAD is going to take place on a tropical island. Be ready to battle your way through sunny beaches, holiday resorts, jungles and more! Yep, as you've guessed, many inspirations were taken from Dead Island and Duke Caribbean.

Now, the backsides. Those semi-realistic levels with emphasis on huge open-air areas don't really go well with the gameplay Doom is known for. I'm doing my best to bring as much shotgun-totting action to this WAD as I can but I'm still quite a newbie. Therefore, you can expect a beta version of WAD when it's done, just to sort balance things out.

How many levels will there be? I still don't know, I would certainly like to cover at least two Plutonia/Doom 2 episodes. WAD follows a story - plot behind each map will be explained in a txt - and I'm still catching new ideas. As for now, you take a role of a everyday guy who won a trip to a tropical island. Of course monsters decide to break your holiday and assault the planet. You'll have to escape your hotel, city, island and eventually reveal what - or rather who - stands behind this attack. Typical stuff.

Hopefully screenshots above look good enough for you! If so, stay tuned for more info.

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