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One of my two current Doom maps in progress. Acropolis.
This map is intended as a fairly large deathmatch battleground including large open areas, small cave systems and, of course, some pretty nifty secret areas! I've got a thing with those. I have to have them.

The overall theme here is working your way towards the peak of this mountainous region where you might be able to find a well hidden secret. Some of the locations will include a mayan-like pyramid, a town set in the side of a cliff face and a treacherous mountain path (better watch your step).

I'm sort of torn at the moment wether or not I should keep the map simple or detail the heck out of it (lighting, more vertices, etc).
Well, let me know what you think. I realize the shadow work is very sloppy at this point. I'm still focusing on total area contruction.


PFL writes:(new) 23.12.2013, 03:29 GMT+1

The amount of time you need to waste on detailing/shadowing/etc. is proportional to your level of satisfaction when facing the result. It's damn personal. An image gives more than words ... seek for answers in the wads you like. Simple.

Now, sometimes, words can explain what the image won't, obviously. On every screenies you're showing, 1 or 2 textures take the whole control of our eyes.

Then, it's good looking too :)

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