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Winter Revealed
by AnonimVio
new comments Doom 2, single player
released, Boom
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Three, Hell Revealed style maps for Doom 2.
I am using CC4 texturepack. Sky is from KamaSutra.
MAP01-Reluctance 100% - COMPLETED!
MAP02-Fraud 100% - COMPLETED!
MAP03-Velocity 100% - COMPLETED!
Added difficulty settings, fixed some bugs, changed music in MAP03.
If you are using glboom or prboom, please, use "Boom" compatibility level.

PFL writes:(new) 15.12.2013, 03:42 GMT+1

That shouldn't be too hard :)))))

grouchbag writes:(new) 18.12.2013, 10:40 GMT+1

Looks good to me. :)

TheCombine235 writes:(new) 18.12.2013, 17:14 GMT+1
edited 18.12.2013, 17:15 GMT+1

The third screenshot truly takes the cake!

Not that it isn't anything that can't be solved with a Big Fucking Gun.

PFL writes:(new) 07.02.2014, 02:33 GMT+1

I am anxious to try this.

PFL writes:(new) 15.03.2014, 04:50 GMT+1
edited 20.04.2014, 05:08 GMT+1

Very well done. I did pass level 1. Ouf! Forget the second. Too much Archviles. And what about number three ... Ouch. I did appreciate the Pinky ride though; very unique :) This is one near impossible wad you got there.

You would tone that down and I think it would be great. But at this fate right now, even god will fail :)

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