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Trick Or Treat?
by TheCombine235
new comments Doom 2, single player
in progress, ZDoom
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This was supposed to be part of a sort of compilation WAD called Trilogy, which was conceived after I finished my third level for vanilla Doom made from the scratch. Then I wanted to rework those three levels on ZDoom, while also taking advantage of some of ZDoom functionalities, and then I decided to throw them into a single WAD, thus spawning a trilogy.

As I said, the project was conceived when I released Trick Or Treat?, my third level, on 2011 (you get to guess the date). Then I worked on it on and off during 2012, and I made the last build on December 21 (no joke).

Then my last year of school took over and I stopped working on it. Now that I have succesfully finished school and approved the entrance exams, I decided to come back and finish these levels, whilst releasing them separatedly.

Even though it was the latest one to be released, it'd be the first level on my trilogy, and it was the one I did the most work on before I casted the project to the shadows. Hope you enjoy it.

Update 09/01/2016: Reuploaded WAD to Mediafire with changes in the accompanying text file.
Update 10/01/2016: Reuploaded WAD with new CREDIT and TITLEPIC custom images to reflect my current author's name. Updated Screenshot #3 as well.

PFL writes:(new) 07.12.2013, 03:44 GMT+1
edited 07.12.2013, 06:22 GMT+1


This one holds to it's name. It was TOO tricky for me on uv. Being able to choose from multiple path at some point, I ended up unable to continue since one second grabs 20 health in the lava in the first few steps of the level. There wasn't enough health pack to maintain someone who didn't made the map, alive. So I took a god walk to see the rest of the level; This would be my only downside. Apart from that, it is very well done, kinda pro-made.

TheCombine235 writes:(new) 07.12.2013, 14:31 GMT+1

Thanks for the feedback! I wanted to upload the map here before uploading it elsewhere. I posted the original one here quite some time ago and got some precious feedback, which helped me with the making of this version. I also remember you commenting on it as well ;). The post for some reason got deleted and I don't know what happened with the people here, by now I'd have gotten at least 5 replies.

Also, it's a nice observation that the map has got multiple paths. That's what I wanted to do, it's called "Trick Or Treat?" because it involves choice making. Just remember, the longer the path, the safer. Oh, and lava hurts, A LOT.

If it proves to be too hard, you can always go on an easier difficulty (not that you aren't aware of this), and once you get back to the teleport room you can take the white teleport which sends you to a chamber with a healing device. Look out for secrets, even though they are few and far in between they really make things easier, and in the area with the frozen chaingunners don't jump straight into the corridor with water. There's a teleport which will get you to the area that's blocked by a wall, where you can pick up health and ammo (also, look for a secret).

Those would be my tips. Take care!

MrFroz writes:(new) 10.01.2016, 12:47 GMT+1

I'm TheCombine235, except with a different account. TheCombine235 was just a nickname I picked due to YouTube's lack of availability for cool names, but since I don't have that YouTube channel anymore I'll be known as MrFroz from now on (I still gotta update the main menu images to reflect my current nickname). After two years of inactivity I'm finishing the trilogy for real, and I have updated this entry 'cause when I first uploaded this WAD it wasn't a good time for the site and there was very little activity, hope to see more feedback.

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