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Killercat 3d Hell Unleashed
by Sonicnightmare
new comments Doom, single player
in progress, ZDoom
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This is the first killercat mod for the sequals .This is like the doom bible but a sonic/killercat version there are G.U.N soldiers from the shadow the hedgehog video game and beta lost souls and a chopper plus F6-t bigfoot is a replacement as the spiderdemon. The rest needs work on and the maps to most of the maps are not finished. there is a video of the beta version on youtube plus the early version of the second sequal of the wad to here is the link for the video http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3LE8ULmUmQo&list=PLWX6jDhjsGy-d9lwWJ_hY_w&feature=mh_lolz

grouchbag writes:(new) 19.11.2013, 13:42 GMT+1

This looks pretty interesting...and good luck on it!

Saican writes:(new) 23.11.2013, 09:50 GMT+1
edited 18.02.2014, 21:27 GMT+1

I cannot comment on the gameplay of your past release as the DRD File Space is no longer operational. But my immediate reaction is, "what??" Other than the ring in your third screenshot, I'm not seeing a whole lot of Sonic the Hedgehog in this. Perhaps I'm missing something. Your video did not seem to be very enlightening either. A Google of "Killercat" yielded very little other than cats wielding a plethora of weapons, leaving me still confused.

(My original post, prior to this edit, ranted about the HUD.) I still don't like it, the HUD, I mean. However my knowledge of Doom prior to ZDoom is/was limited. I recently discovered that the alpha version of the game at one point did include a visor-display HUD. And you're using it. My original opinion still stands. I do not like the HUD and that will be all for me.

*edited for typos and grammar.
*edited again after discovering I'm simply embarrassing myself.

PFL writes:(new) 14.03.2014, 01:11 GMT+1
edited 14.03.2014, 01:11 GMT+1





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