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by Obsidian
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A 9-map wad for The Ultimate Doom that replaces Knee-Deep in the Dead. Also includes a few DeHackEd monstrosities to spice things up. Coming soon...

PFL writes:(new) 17.08.2013, 06:54 GMT+1

:))) Nice.

Are you the Obsidian from the Monochrome Mapping Project (and all others, of course)? There is no Obsidian duplicate !!? Isn't it ?

Obsidian writes:(new) 17.08.2013, 08:11 GMT+1

Actually there was a guy called Obsidian floating around the ZDoom forums. My username on there's 0bsidian with a zero. :P

PFL writes:(new) 18.08.2013, 04:06 GMT+1

A zero, of course :) Better than Obsidian2 :)))

jdagenet writes:(new) 19.08.2013, 03:34 GMT+1

Screenshots look nice, can't wait to play it.

Obsidian writes:(new) 18.08.2015, 22:56 GMT+1

I never finished this, did I? Sad. :( Maybe one day.

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