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by everamzah
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Map for brutalv018a.pk3 mod. Starts out in a wooden room with two adjacent rooms packed with monsters.

PFL writes:(new) 19.08.2013, 05:35 GMT+1

It's nice but then what ?

everamzah writes:(new) 19.08.2013, 09:06 GMT+1

Then you find some captured marines, collect three skull orbs and find an exit. There's some Belphegors and a Juggernaut.

PFL writes:(new) 20.08.2013, 04:11 GMT+1

Yikes! Increasingly more interesting. Is your mission ready for Doomguys ? On the third, are you mad at some floor creatures ?:) Also, if I was Doomguy, on screen 1, I would spider sense an incoming trap :) Don't mind too much my "humour" and keep on the great work.

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