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Doom on Hell
by Yamato
new comments Doom, single player
in progress, Legacy
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Single Player map for Doom Legacy, will use plenty of Legacy effects like coloured sectors, coronas, fog, water and fragglescript (possibly).

Also, this map is being built with EUREKA map editor by Andrew Apted as a "tech demo" of what such editor is capable of. I will be using always the last version of such editor.

For more info visit http://eureka-editor.sourceforge.net

Map Story

After entering the portal to try to defeat the Icon of Sin, you are teleported to instead to some hellish place. You have been tricked. You are now in their own territory and everything is against you. The land is hot, burning, as their anger.

Are you now Doomed at last? Or will you convert doom them?

PFL writes:(new) 13.08.2013, 04:00 GMT+1

This is a nice WIP. Don't quit :)

Yamato writes:(new) 20.01.2014, 13:44 GMT+1

Not quitting but this completing this will take a lot of time.
Actually the map has a lot more of rooms and things, not shown in those screens, I will try to update more shots soon.

Dutch Devil writes:(new) 20.01.2014, 16:35 GMT+1

Reminds me to Mt. Erebus for some reason.

Yamato writes:(new) 22.01.2014, 13:28 GMT+1

@ Dutch Devil: Damn you discovered my copypaste. But don't tell anyone. I'm now finishing copypasta MAP01. Do you think someone will notice if I change some textures? ;P

PFL writes:(new) 24.01.2014, 02:03 GMT+1

Very nice. Even more if you mention it :)

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