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Omega Deathmatch
by Burktross
new comments Doom 2, deathmatch
in progress, Skull Tag
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A Skulltag deathmatch wad I have working on for quite a while now. It features 3 maps, each with a "base" theme.

Map 01: Magma Condension Chambers
A map full of tight spaces and small turns, ideal for shotgun players.
(Playable, but not complete)

Map 02: Nukepit
Personally the best map I've ever made, it is a mostly long range map, but has its share of chokepoints.

Map 03: Treatment Facility
Entirely unfinished. Not playable in any way.

Revision 1: Initial public release.
-Map 01: Playable (Aesthetics being added)
-Map 02: Completed
-Map 03: Unplayable (Map structure incompletely. Aprox. 75% done reletive to sketched layout.)

PFL writes:(new) 13.08.2013, 04:12 GMT+1
edited 28.08.2013, 01:37 GMT+1

Cool. I will try this in not so long.
EDIT. Nice layout. Plenty of space and hiding spots. Like it.

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