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Castle King Side
by Kevin10382
new comments Doom, single player
in progress, doom(2).exe
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Working on and off with this WAD for more than 4 years. Building with Doom Builder (Started with DB and now using DB2) in Hexen format (before I learned of the UDMF, Doh!). I fully intend this to be a megawad with all new actors and some new textures and sprites. I am very exited to bring this puzzle to life. It will be full of surprises and brain busting puzzles to complete each area. A lot of "Time Travel" and back and forth to the same area only at different places in time. At least this is my goal. Any interest in this WIP will only drive my determination to complete it!

Kevin10382 writes:(new) 22.06.2013, 20:41 GMT+1

How long does one typically wait for their WAD to get approved?

PFL writes:(new) 13.08.2013, 03:56 GMT+1

:) This place is dead as a ghost; better, it's doomed. This is very interesting indeed. If you're serious about it, bring the Castle to some places where you will have better feedback, such as ZDoom or Doomworld forums. I will try it if you leave some link ... when you're ready.

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